Be a Light

Today was really a wonderful day. I have so much to fill you in on after being home and then having my “spring break” and living in my tiny apartment with 6-7 other people all week. But I will get to all that at some point, maybe tomorrow or Tuesday. 

I wanted to share a wonderful message from church today that is really sitting on my heart. Today our pastor, Mike Ross, told us all as Christians to be a light for the world. He was talking more specifically about in the work place since many people tend to keep their work relationship and religious relationship separate because that is just how society prefers. I don’t really have a work place yet, but he told us to think about the “dark places” in our lives. He encouraged us to identify those dark places and then do something to bring the light there. We read from Matthew 5:14-16

You are the light of the world- like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.

Be a light. Show the world your love for Christ. There isn’t a need to be pushy about it, I am a strong believer in being a leader through example. Saying you are going to do something is great, but actually proving your words with your actions is ten times better. I think this is something I really struggle with in my journey with Christ. I am very much a private believer, but I have just had this feeling lately that I need to do something more. I need to put myself out there doing God’s work. It is something I have been praying about a lot lately and I hope God shows me what it is He wants me to do because I know it is time for action.

Anyway, just something I thought was wonderful and very true and wanted to share in my own little part of the blog world. I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather today, I know I certainly did! Have to prepare myself for reality tomorrow and getting back into the groove of things with school. 


So Random

Warning: This post is about to be all over the place.

Today was another one of those days that I didn’t have practice and the day has just flown by! My schedule was a little different then Monday though because I have an extra class on Wednesday that only meets once a week that I don’t have on Monday. During my break between classes I was in study hall again, studying for my test in baby class that is tomorrow. The class is actually called Maternal and Infant Nutrition, but I prefer to just call it baby class.


While doing a little research for a group project for my seminar class, I found out the Michelle Obama has kicked off her 3-state tour to promote physical activity and healthy eating today in Clinton, Mississippi. Her program is called Let’s Move and is an attempt to combat the childhood obesity epidemic that is facing our nation. I think what she is doing is incredible because childhood obesity has become such a problem and she really is such a classy, stylish lady! Here are some of the articles I read if you are interested:

I finally hit the gym today (since my injury it has been 2 weeks) for some cardio and studied while riding the bike for 35 minutes. I figured the bike was perfect because I could still work up a sweat while being low impact just in case my ankle decided to give me any trouble and I was able to study while riding. Winning all around!

After a stop at the coffee shop for a large skinny vanilla latte and a failed attempt at going to rehab my ankle, I headed home. Once I got home I was so amped from the endorphins and the caffeine that I wasn’t able to sit at my desk and study anymore. I figured I would use that to my advantage and found a 50 minute yoga video online that Mere and I did out in the living room. I lit a candle and everything, it was very peaceful, but I definitely still felt the burn. Especially in my behind! Mere and I kept laughing though at how unbalanced/inflexible we could be. I found this yoga site on Pinterest (where else) and it has been amazing, I have recommended it to so many people:


The yoga helped a little bit with how crumby we have been feeling, but to help even more we ordered soup for Chili’s to be delivered by 919 Dine. 919 Dine is a nifty little lifesaver that my daddy somehow found last semester when I was catching strep every few weeks. They deliver to certain places in the Raleigh area from a select group of restaurants right to your door! The only thing that kinda stinks is that you have to order at least $10 worth of food before the delivery fee for them to deliver, but sometimes all I want is soup!

Since then we have just been hanging out in the living room, studying for our tests tomorrow. It will probably be an early night for me since I’m not feeling well, I’m feeling confident in my test tomorrow and I have my last 7am lift of the season tomorrow morning! It doesn’t get much better than that! I want to continue going to lift because I think it helps having a structured workout that targets muscles I don’t usually think about, I just would prefer to do it at a time that isn’t 7 am.

Chuchi tweeted today about One Direction and I realized I didn’t know much about them since I wasn’t at home listening to her talk about them 24/7. Once I filled her in on this she decided to remedy the problem by posting 4 videos on my wall, 2 of the boys visiting a hospital seeing the effects of untreated malaria, 1 of their music video to raise money for the foundation, and 1 of Harry Styles getting nailed in his man parts by a shoe thrown from an audience member. The first 2 videos pulled at my heartstrings! The last one was actually quite funny even though it is so loud you can’t really hear what is going on.

I’m headed over to my friend Rachel’s house to get spray tanned soon, which is good because for tomorrow’s game we are wearing our crop top uniforms and I am so pale a little color would do me good! Also, spring break is quickly approaching and while I don’t actually get to take a vacation just getting away from Raleigh for a few days would make my life! Hopefully we will get our cheer schedule soon and when we do, Daddy said he would buy me a train ticket home! I’ll get to hang out with my favorite guys! Daddy, Colbert and Buster! He also said he would make me a big steak (random craving lately especially of someone who doesn’t particularly care for red meat) and take me to see the set of Homeland (he reads the blog obviously ;)) I’ve been feeling super homesick so I really hope going home works out, even just for a couple days!

Like I said, incredibly random post, but sometimes that is just how I’m feeling.

The Bachelor

Okay, I know it is super lame to blog about The Bachelor, I mean honestly who doesn’t write a recap post with their thoughts about it, clearly an original over here. I just had to share my thoughts though.

First off, where do they find these girls haha this has seriously been a dramatic season. It has also been my first season that I really actually watched and got involved with. I only started watching Emily Maynard’s season at the very end, so I wasn’t super invested in any of the people, but I definitely am this season.

My favorite is Lindsay, I hope she wins! As much as she totally freaked me out that first night showing up in the wedding dress and saying “you may now kiss the bride” you have to give the girl props because she is now in the final two. Obviously her quirkiness works for her and I love it! She even got drunk the first night and he still kept her around! I think the two of them make a great couple.

As for Catherine, I can’t say that I’m a fan or that I’m not a fan. Really she just doesn’t make an impression on me either way. Would I be mad if she won? Probably not. Would I pick her to win? Probably not. She is just very ehh to me.

Now Ashlee is a whole other story. I’ve been waiting for her to leave since the showed her very first bio. I get she had a hard life and putting yourself out there can be extremely difficult, but come on girl, you overplayed the serious and vulnerable card and in the end Sean never had as much fun with you. He never described her as a best friend or anything, so I really can’t believe she made it as far as she did.

Next issue I have. The fantasy suite. Both Ashlee and Catherine talked about how opposed they were because they didn’t want to be perceived in a certain way, but then as soon as Sean asked what they wanted to do they said they would go! I guess I wouldn’t know what I would do until I was in the situation, but if a guy wants to marry me, he is going to have to get rid of all the other hussies before I enter a fantasy suite with him. I mean really how awkward. You already know he is going on other dates and kissing other girls, but spending the night in an incredibly romantic suite in some beautiful part of the world….yeah I don’t think so. But like I said I’m not in that position so I wouldn’t know exactly what I would do in the situation.

I’m excited to bring all the crazies back next week to hear their awesome drama and see who will fight with who. Again sorry for being incredibly cliche and posting a recap about The Bachelor.

What do you think about the final two?

Would you go to the fantasy suite with Sean?


Days without practice

Today was one of those days where as soon as my classes were done, my responsibilities to the outside world ended. There was no practice looming over my head, meaning I had to stick to a strict schedule in order to maximize the amount of time I had in the day. No, not today. Today, I went to class, did my rehab, then went to study hall. I started the day with 0 hours and finished with 4 hours and 29 minutes (which always makes me crazy, like I want to re-swipe in and then swipe out again to make it 30 minutes haha)

I spent that whole time working intensely on my study guide. I didn’t worry about catching the bus back in time because I didn’t pack cheer clothes so I can’t just stay on campus, I just worked in study hall until my eyes felt like they were crossed. That’s when I knew it was time to go home. I still came back and continued studying, but those 40 minutes it took to get home did wonders for my attention span.

I also, for the first time in my 3 years since being here, attended the Athlete Talent Show! What a hoot! We had a couple of our teammates performing and they all were hands down the best and I promise I’m not biased, well at least entirely. All of our performers finished in the top 2 of the talent section. Cheerleaders are clearly jacks of all trades 😉 Needless to say, some of the other athletes should be thankful for their physical talents and leave their other “careers” behind. Although I do give everyone props who performed tonight because I wouldn’t have the nerve to do it.

Once back home, it was time for some relaxation and Homeland! Anyone seen it? Apparently it is filmed in Charlotte, which is really amazing and I’m hoping that the next time I am home, Daddy can take me to go see one of the sets (hint hint) It is a really intense show, but I am loving every minute of it. Huge thanks to Meredith’s family for getting me hooked 🙂 If it was up to me I would probably already be through the 2 seasons because I would neglect all other responsibilities, stay in bed and watch episode after episode until I was done. Thankfully, that isn’t the case and I’m being paced so I’m not shirking any of my duties.

Random side note- ever notice how everything seems to run out at exactly the same time? I am currently on the verge of being out of toilet paper, conditioner, shaving cream, body wash, milk, bread, laundry detergent, mascara, and food in general. When I’m not on campus and can eat a meal there with my dining dollars, I eat bread with butter. Ahhh the life of a poor college student haha

Tomorrow is a busy day because I don’t finish class until 5:30/6:30 depending on how long lab lasts, and then I have practice from 6-8. Then it is right back to studying for my last test until spring break.

I think I can. I think I can.

22 days until my 21st birthday….eeeekkkk!!

Weekend Recap

I had such a nice, low-key weekend to end such a crazy stressful week. Like I said last week I was in the process of studying for 4 tests, that I think all went fairly well. I am glad to have them behind me though, that’s for sure!

Much of Friday after class and signing my lease for my new apartment with Abbie, Morgan, and Meredith, was spent knocked out in my bed catching up on sleep that was lost during the week. Boy did I need it! Then I had the pleasure of puppy sitting for 2 little pug/chow/sharpei mixes that were a little bit of a handful! They were sweet though and it was good to get my puppy fix since I don’t get to be around animals as much as I would like. My friend, Kara, who I have worked with at Brixx since I was 16, stayed the night with me Friday night because she was just accepted into NC State’s grad school and had a conference type thing up in Raleigh. It was really nice to just hang out and catch up and of course she filled me in on all the happenings of Brixx.

Saturday was a really good day! The morning started off sleeping in and then making a big breakfast with some good friends. Ben, Brian, Tyler, Kelly and I made pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast and coffee. Well I had hot tea of course 🙂 I wish I had taken a picture of the table because it was so cute and really fun to have everyone over for a little breakfast party.

The day was spent relaxing, doing homework and unfortunately watching a disappointing loss to UNC. After that though, I met up with my teammates at the clubhouse of one of the housing developments and we had team bonding! Our dry month (which is basically a month without alcohol regardless of age) started last week so we all got together to have some good fun! Every stunt group had to bring a dish so it was basically a potluck and then we played Just Dance. I was terrible at Just Dance, but give me some more practice and I promise you I will be good.

Today, we had practice from 1-4 and it was a tough one. I was drained emotionally and physically. As I’m sitting here in my bed now I can feel the aches trying to work themselves out. Not much longer now though until we’re in Daytona leaving it all on the mat! I need a quick shower before the usual crew gets here to watch The Walking Dead though so I need to scoot, but here are some of my favorite moments from the team pot luck!

DSCN2415 DSCN2418 DSCN2422 DSCN2425 DSCN2433 DSCN2448 DSCN2455 DSCN2468DSCN2473
DSCN2500 DSCN2501 DSCN2511 DSCN2518 DSCN2531 DSCN2533 DSCN2552 DSCN2558 DSCN2581 DSCN2595

A little life update

So happy to have reached the weekend! As I am sitting in my bed preparing this post, the most beautiful snowflakes are falling down outside. I didn’t even know that it was supposed to snow today, but when I woke up and checked twitter (as one naturally does first thing when they wake up) I was surprised to read that snow seems to be falling across North Carolina 🙂


I have quite the stressful week coming up with 4 tests, Monday-Thursday so I spent most of yesterday doing homework and laundry. I know I’m the coolest 20 year old you’ve ever met 😉


busy schedule


She Reads Truth devotional! Seriously check it out! I love it!

Since I have so much to do, I thought I would share some of the pictures that I’ve been collecting that haven’t made it to the blog!


Cheering on the Men’s Basketball team to a win against the Tarholes


Fun night out with amazing friends


Dinner with the girls


Tyler is such a good sport for letting me paint his nails!


It is really quite amazing what perspective can bring a person. A real eye-opener.  A slap in the face. A “come to Jesus” moment.

I am sitting in Schaub, which let me tell you is quite the hike from the rest of campus, and I’m waiting for my class to start. I have plenty of time so I decided to work on my online class assignment reading. The class is called PRT 200: Leisure Behavior, Health and Wellness. So far it has been fairly amusing, but nothing to write home about. The reading for this week is titled the Pursuit of Happiness. It was talking about how so many Americans suffer from unhappiness because of our ridiculously high levels of aspiration. We’re told from the time we are young how we can do anything we set our minds too, when in reality for many that is just not true. We can’t do ANYTHING we set our mind too, but that gives us a high level of aspiration and when we don’t accomplish what we think we should be achieving based on the fact that our culture places great value in what a person has, we are discouraged and unhappy.

I struggled last semester knowing that I was incredibly blessed, yet really unhappy with where I was situated. I really didn’t have much to complain about either, every situation I got down on myself about was directly caused by my actions. I didn’t feel prepared enough for life and had to realize that it wasn’t just going to happen, I was going to have to make significant strides to make things happen.

The article says, “Realize you have an enormous amount relative to the rest of the people in the world. If you stopped right now and never did or received another thing, you would have already lived a life that is richer, fuller and more varied than almost anyone else in the world.”


Here I am, sitting in a classroom at a wonderful university that my hard-working father pays for, typing on my Mac computer while listening to music on my iPhone. What kind of spoiled brat feels they have room to complain when you look at that perspective. People go without clean water, heat, a house over there head and I had the nerve to be unhappy.

Sometimes all you need is a little perspective.

So if you are discouraged about your work load, be thankful you have a job.

Annoyed with your dirty house, be thankful you have a roof over your head.

Overwhelmed with your schedule, be thankful you are provided with so many great opportunities.

Complaining about the walk across campus, be thankful you have a healthy body that can carry you there.

Home for the Holidays

As of today I have completely finished all my exams for the first semester of my Junior year of college.

Can’t believe how quickly it all goes! Things haven’t been all sunshine and roses for me recently and there are things that I wish could have gone differently, but there isn’t much I can do about that now. God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle and he sometimes has other plans for you that you might not understand yet and thats why He doesn’t give you something you think you really want.

I will be traveling back and forth between home and school for various cheer opportunities within the next few weeks, but I fully intend to enjoy every minute of being at home and celebrating the holidays. After all, it is the best time of year.

I plan on focusing on getting myself healthy, both physically and mentally, before the start of the new year. Hopefully with the help of my family, I can start to feel better.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and remember the reason for the season.


41306521553786640_9Hg6siCq_b154952043400947880_0x6Tf8RI_b176625616607624567_2aVJr2FF_b56506170294379160_X68UA3QV_bOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA10133167881968243_MyTzJH0E_b245375879668923114_SvYUUG1D_b137008013635500173_NmL0cKes_b122371314846491107_2gTbVr3z_b302656037427635933_4AZJrL8u_b138345019773398151_8dqf3ZqG_b38139928064455228_gZFNngf3_b

beautiful home office


NCSU vc Wake Forest

Well that Pack finally showed up to play! After quite the embarrassing display of football last weekend against Virginia, it was nice to cheer a game where we were actually scoring points! What a long weekend it has been. Friday, Mere, Kyleigh and I all cheered a Women’s basketball game against Wofford, which the ladies won, and then headed home for some much need down time. Kyleigh and Meredith had to be at the Men’s game that night and I napped all day and then cleaned and got ready for my Momma and brother (who I hadn’t seen since summer and I think he is a foot taller) and Ms. Kendy and Scotty. Once we were all together we headed out to Carolina Ale House, because lets be honest, no family visit is complete without it!

Saturday was a busy one. After the 3rd quarter wrapped up 3 stunts groups from small had to leave to football game to head over to Reynolds coliseum to cheer the women’s basketball game against Auburn. Kind of funny since Chuchi goes to Auburn! The Pack ended up with the win for both sporting events and I am pretty sure I felt a range of every emotion that day! After it was a quick dinner and then straight to bed for this girl.

This morning I got to hang out with Buster and the boys and then enjoy lunch at El Cerro with everyone. We said quick goodbyes and I came home and crawled in bed with Mere so we could get on Pinterest, watch Awkward and Jersey Shore and even take a little power nap. Who needs a boyfriend when you can a best friend who will put up with you crawling in her bed to relax!? Her too sweet boyfriend sent her an edible arrangement of chocolate covered strawberries and apples, which she shared with me because she is the best. He won serious brownie points, one might think it would be difficult to be single and have a best friend with the perfect relationship (although she gets mad when I say that) but it really works out to my advantage sometimes! Especially because its long distance (major props to them) so I always have someone to cuddle with if I’m feeling lonely. I honestly don’t know how the girl puts up with me.

After our power nap we got ready to try out a new church. I’ve been there before, but was overwhelmed with the amount of people there, but we tried out a new time that is directed toward college students. The message was great and very simple, put your trust in God. Even if he doesn’t give you all the answers, if you trust Him completely you will benefit in the end. As a girl who is type A and always has to have a plan and the answers this is something I struggle with every day as a Christian. Putting all my faith in God and knowing that he is going to do with me what he sees fit can seem daunting because I like to be in control over myself and know my next move, but I need to remember that isn’t always the case and if I have faith eventually it will all play out.

Now I am preparing for the week, cleaning up and waiting for dinner to be finished. Tonight is all about doing a little work and watching Revenge and The Walking Dead! I feel like every Sunday I can’t help but sing that Craig Morgan song, What I Love About Sunday. I’m done with exams until finals, so this should be a better week then the last. Hope everyone has enjoyed their day as much as I have!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

-Proverbs 3:5-6

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