Rude People

I’m so frustrated right now I just don’t know what to do.

I had a math webassign due at 11 last night, our teacher had e-mailed us all saying he was holding an extra office hours on Friday after class so we could get help with the assignment. I unfortunately wasn’t able to go, but thought I had been doing pretty well with the material so I should be fine…I was wrong. Meredith and I sat down with our hallmates Bridget and Kristen and out of the 6 problems we were able to finish 3 of them. I figured I would ask for an extension request after I attended office hours with my questions so I could get some of the points back.

I get to Mr. Elsinger’s office today (which might I add is in a building I had never even heard of and had to ask a million people before I found it) only to find that he is late. I got there at 8:58 and his office hours started at 9. He arrived at 9:06. I can’t stand when people are late, it just seems rude and self-centered, must have learned that from mommy and daddy. When I told him I had 3 problems I needed help with, he wasn’t warm and inviting and willing to help. He was rude and awkward. I ended up leaving after only finishing one of my questions because he had me so frustrated. And now I have 2 more problems I need to finish on Webassign and I have to head back to him class!

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