Martinsville, Virginia

After 3 exams, a total of 10 hours of practice, and 9 miles of running, I was in desperate need of a “vacation!” So Thursday night when I got back from practice, Michael was waiting for me! He helped my do laundry and study for my animal science test until 2 in the morning, such a  good boyfriend! Then after my test and calculus class we hit the road for Martinsville, Virginia. Unfortunately my camera battery is dead and I left my cord in Cornelius so I’m lacking in pictures until I get a new one 😦

For those of you who have never heard of Martinsville, and lets be honest not many have, it is a veerrryyy small very hilly town. If I had remembered my running shoes I would have really been dying struggling attempting to get up all those hills! It was a wonderful weekend spent relaxing, napping and watching movies. I also wrote a 4 page english paper, but that was about the only productive thing I did 🙂

Michael had baseball on Sunday and I haven’t gotten to see him play for Patrick Henry yet so I tagged along to see what it was all about. Needless to say 5 hours later I was not a happy camper! No one in my family plays or watches baseball. We grew up with football, “my heart is shaped like a football!” So trying to watch baseball for me is painful! I don’t understand it, its soooo long,  it just doesn’t really excite me, but I’m trying to make a more conscience effort to understand and like it. Michael plays it and Meredith grew up around it because her brother plays for Boston College, so I now have people in my life who actually know and care about it. I might as well give it a shot!

Also, Michael and I exchanged our Valentine’s gifts early because we aren’t really sure when we will see each other again. It probably won’t be any time near Valentine’s Day though 😦 He got me a beautiful silver jewelry box with my name engraved across the top and inside was a bracelet. Not just any bracelet though. This bracelet was the one that he got me for our first Valentine’s Day together, 5 years ago. The charm is beaten up from quite the journey it has had and it had fallen off so I  had given him the bracelet and the charm to get fixed. On one side is my initials and the other is the date of our first Valentine’s day, 2.14.06! When it was returned to me though it had a new charm, not the same one but as close to the original as possible. This one had my initials on it again and on the back a new date, 2.14.11! He is just to sweet, major brownie points 🙂

It was taken on my phone so it’s really hard to see but the one on the left is the old one and the right is the new one! I posted this picture on Facebook and it was fun to see all the comments from the people that know us now and the ones that knew us back then, even one of our eighth grade teachers commented on how happy she was we were together!

I got Michael a Ralph Lauren Polo sweater thats black with a little purple polo man 🙂 He looked so handsome when he tried it on, I can’t wait to go on a real date and see him wearing it!

Well thats the recap of my weekend, wish I had more pictures to show but I’ll work on that camera cord! My english class got cancelled today so I’m off to the gym before family dinner and practice 🙂

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