Like I said today was pretty similar to yesterday. I woke up, lounged around and then got my behind outside to run 5 miles. When I got back it was already time to get ready and have everything packed to go back to school 😦 This weekend was wayy to fast!

Anywho I boarded the train at 5:10 and it left right on time at 5:20. The train was on time the whole way, I was highly impressed! All I wanted to do was fall asleep and take a 3 hour nap, but instead I forced myself to be productive and I finished my required reading for Animal Science which was 32 pages on the male and female reproductive tracts in animals…talk about a good time! After that I did the majority of my Biology lab report, everything I could do without the Internet. It felt good to finish it all, but it seems like no matter how much I do, I still have so much more to do!

When I got back, Katelyn and Meredith were waiting for me at the train station and we went to Wendy’s for dinner. I know bad, but we didn’t have a choice! It turned out to be a horrible decision. No salt on the fries, no bacon for a club, and the worst thing ever NO RANCH! Needless to say we were heartbroken! After we took the cars back to their parking spots and ran into Scottie Poo on our way back to the dorm!

Now I am finally planted on the futon watching The Grammys! Unfortunately I’ve missed just about everyone that I wanted to see…cough cough JUSTIN BIEBER cough cough…hehe! I’ll look it up later on youtube! From what I have seen so far I am not very satisfied with the Grammys, but I did miss the very beginning so it might have been really good other than the last 30 minutes.

It feels so good to be back and I know I should be being productive by unpacking, cleaning my room, doing my laundry and finishing any last minute homework but I can’t find the motivation. So instead I think I’m going to put on my jammies and sink into my bed until my alarm goes off at 7 and worry about everything else tomorrow.

Goodnight all 🙂

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