March Madness

No, I’m not referring to the basketball games, I’m not really a big basketball fan. I’m referring to how crazy life will be for a college cheerleader with Nationals right around the corner. I’m not actually on mat, but will be hearing some time this week if I will be considered an alternate and get to travel with the team to Daytona. In the meantime though there are countless practices, running in training for my half marathon/spring break bod, copious amounts of studying and so much more. Including 18 days from now…


Am I really almost that old?! One of my best friends, Nicky (otherwise known as Nick) just turned 22 in February. That seems just crazy to me because when I met him he was 17! Now everyone is getting so old!

Anyway seeing as how it is now March it is time to see how my February goals went and make some new ones for March. Although I’m kind of worried because I don’t think I did to hot this past month, but here it goes…

1. Go to every class. Fail. It all started when I missed one pilates class for a mental health day and then once to goal was broken it was easier to keep breaking.

2. Follow training schedule strictly. Fail. That one week of February where I had all those tests I spent more time in the Library then at the gym, can you really fault me?

3. Utilize my day better and don’t procrastinate on assignments. Success! I was very good and turned in all my assignments and wasn’t stressed because I was rushing to do it at the last minute.

4. Drink more water and no soda/sweet tea. Fail. I had quite a bit more soda than I usually do. Darn!

5. Visit Michael. Success!

6. Go home and see family. Success!

7. Bring camera with me and have creative blog posts. Fail/Success. I like to think my blog posts are semi creative, mostly for a person that seems to lack the creative gene that my brother and sister both acquired. Fail though on my camera because I left it at home when I went to visit, but I’m going home this weekend so I’ll be able to get it and try again.

Alright so all in all I accomplished about half my goals, not bad this is a work in progress and hopefully I’ll get to the point where I will stick to my goals! So time to make some for this month.

1. GO TO CLASS! I really need to stop being so lazy 🙂

2. Meredith and I had to for cheerleading this month give up alcohol (shouldn’t be a problem) soda/sweet tea/sweets and fast food. We started this goal on Saturday and so far have successfully stuck with it. It’s all about the baby steps!

3. Get my butt to the gym and follow my training schedule.

4. Do 10 tucks on dead floor at every practice and consistently throw my full (now that I have landed it on dead floor!!!)

5. Keep working at making my blog better!

I’m cheesy, I know! Hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday, only 3 more days until spring break!!

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