Clothes woes

This is my little troublemaker! That face clearly says, “I know I’m not supposed to be on the couch, but can you really say no to me?”

Earlier today I went for an eye exam. My appointment was at 2:45, just take a wild guess at what time I got back to my house…any takers?! Well I will tell you, I got back at 4:45, I kid you not. I was not a happy camper. But on the up side, I got super cute new blue Lucky brand frames that I have tried looking for a picture of, but I’m guessing since they’re brand new they don’t have one yet. I also after throwing a bit of a temper tantrum about not having clothes of my own…sorry mom…went to Marshalls with my mom and had a little shopping spree! I’m really excited to wear all my new tops, but since most of them are spring/summer wear I really need it to heat up!

I found that when I was at home it was awesome the my mom, sister and I all shared clothes. It was like I had 2 times the clothes to choose from. Then I went off to college and all of the sudden my closet was reduced to t-shirts, sweatshirts and workout clothes with the odd ball cute dress or top I had managed to sneak out under my sisters watchful eye! Was this really all I had? YES! When I was in high school I was completely okay with this because if push came to shove I could always borrow something cute if I felt like dressing up, which wasn’t often.Now that I’m in college I feel like having my own cute clothes is a necessity. Mainly because these are the things I will take with me when I get out of college and have to be in the real world.

Unfortunately for me I have no fashion sense. Like none. I know when I put something on if I like it and some times I can come up with a general idea of what I want from what I have seen on other people or on tv, but I can not actually come up with outfits. As it just so happens I have a sister and mother who are incredible at that sort of thing. Give me running shorts and a running jacket and I’m good to go, but I high waisted skirt with a top and blazer…not so much. If I’m put together I can guarantee you that look was put together by a combination of chuchi and my mom.

I wish I was better at it, but since I am almost 19 now and still no skill with clothes I am just continue to happily be my mother’s barbie doll and maybe one day I will get what I’m doing. I choose not to look at it as “oh your mom still picks out your clothes” I look at it as I have a personal shopper/stylist 😉

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