Weekend Fun

This past weekend was my birthday weekend! I can’t believe I am already 19! I didn’t do anything special for it, but enjoyed it with some of those that I love. For some reason my computer does not want to let me load pictures onto here and since I’m not really that great with computers I am going to have to put a little hold on the pictures until I can get someone who knows computers to figure it out! So instead of showing you my weekend in pictures, I’ll just tell you a little about it.

It started off with an absolutely gorgeous Friday! Perfect weather for being outside. Michael came down on Thursday and after all my classes on Friday and helping Meredith get off to home okay, we headed to the Atrium for lunch. We ended up hearing from a good friend of mine from high school, who is thinking about coming to State next year as we were walking to lunch. She wanted to meet up so after we grabbed out stuff we headed to the Court of Carolina’s to meet her. She was going on a tour of the design school so Michael and I said we would wait and headed to find a shady spot and have a little picnic. We forgot a blanket though and after sitting in the grass for a while I got a little itchy! After hanging out with Heather and her wonderful family, we headed back to meet some of the girls out in the Quad. We remembered a blanket this time and we changed into some shorts and a t-shirt since it was way to hot for the jeans and cute top that I was wearing. We brought our school work out with us and multi-tasked by doing work and goofing off.

Saturday was spent much the same way, except Michael went to the grocery store to make me tacos for dinner! Turkey tacos are probably my favorite meal of all time and one of the only things I can cook! After that he surprised me with a oreo ice cream cake that was to die for. Sunday we slept in and then when I woke up I was surprised again with a blueberry muffin with a pink candle. He really is the best 🙂 I was feeling very down in the dumps leading up to my birthday because I wouldn’t be spending it with my family and that all seemed very weird to me. And who was going to give me my blueberry muffin!?! Well, Michael to the rescue got me a blueberry muffin! Apparently he received a text from my mommy telling him he should, she is so good 🙂

After that we headed out to just walk around campus and enjoy the weather, blogger fail again, I forgot my camera, but as usual I’m sure no one is surprised. I got a call from my dad, then from my mom sister and brother and also from my auntie kimmie and mackenzie. Then my phone died and I was cut off from civilization for a couple of hours, which I found very refreshing, but all my friends trying to reach me about my birthday plans didn’t quite see it the same way. I got back late and had to rush to get ready for dinner at 8 at On the Border. My room looked like a hurricane had come through and I was to scatterbrained to even care!

Dinner was fabulous and I enjoyed spending it in excellent company. I had Olivia, Christine, Kyleigh, Ri, Emily, Josh, Cole and Michael there with me. Of course they had to tell our waiter that it was my birthday and right before we were supposed to get our checks the wait staff came out and made me stand on my chair while they sang to me. I was mortified, but it was all in good birthday fun!

After that I came back and crashed because I was so tired and Michael left this morning around 5. Side note: 2 months from today Michael and I will have been dating for 1 year, where does the time go!?! My last class for today got cancelled and I don’t have practice so after my first two classes I came back to the room and brought the room back to order and now I am headed out to be productive in the library! 🙂

Hope everyone is having a happy and productive Monday!

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