Weekend recap

Beware! This is a slightly random post!

Okay as I am sitting at my computer writing this blog there are about a million and four other things that I should be doing, but simply can not get myself to focus on. I just finished a 1500 word paper that is due in English tomorrow so I am feeling pretty confident that I can give myself a break and study for my calculus test (which is also tomorrow) a little later. I should also be showering since I feel gross and if a printer with about 1000 sheets of paper could magically appear on my desk right now I would be extremely happy.

My roommate is currently out of commission and staying in a hotel with her grandmother due to a torn ACL and a fracture to her fibula plateau (which is the bone under the kneecap in case you were wondering) so I am all alone in my room and it is not a good feeling. It is really really hard to go from spending 24/7 with a person and then being in that same space by yourself and only seeing them a handful of times throughout the week. For me since I am now in college and can’t run to my mommy’s bed when I have a bad dream (although trust me I would in a heartbeat if I could) my roommate and I have become each others support systems. Everyone reminds us of how lucky we are that we found each other because most people don’t have such great luck with their freshman year roommate. Mine turned out to be my best friend.

Anywho enough with the sappy. I am entering the “6-weeks-left-of-school” period and oddly enough instead of being thrilled that I am almost done, I find myself more stressed out that my freshman year is coming to a close. Is this a normal feeling? I don’t know!

I had a pretty great weekend which was just what I needed after a very funky week.

Friday after having a much needed skype convo with mommy, Kybo came over and we did an avocado face mask, ate toaster strudel, watched Killers (great movie!) and made some interesting smoothies. All in all it was a great relaxing night.

Saturday started early with a trip out to the track meet with Scott to watch our friend Taylor, aka Tday, race. He did the Men’s Steeplechase which I had never heard of before but was quite impressed! After that was over Tday, Scott, Kelly and myself piled in the car and headed out to Greensboro to watch our other good friend Stephanie play softball. She goes to Furman and we don’t get to see her a lot 😦 While there we met up with Cassi, a friend from home who is still in high school but because she is a genius will be attending Chapel Hill in the fall (yay she will be so close to me)  We also met up with Sarah and her boyfriend Joe and the whole Spain family! I was just so happy to be with the majority of my friends group from home, I don’t think I stopped smiling once! Although my smile may have actually been frozen there because it was sooooo cold! When I got back I was just so exhausted so Katie and I decided to order pizza, stay in and watch No Strings Attached (another awesome movie!) We passed out quickly after the movie was over!

Sunday I intended on sleeping as late as I possibly could which ended up only being 10! I cleaned up the room while I waited for Katie to wake up and once she did we headed over to Fountain and filled the hump. We came back and watched The Last Three Days (SOOOOO GOOD!) while I “wrote my paper” The movie was just so thrilling it was hard to stay focused. Mere joined us after practice and worked on homework while I did homework and we caught up on each others lives and I may or may not have came flying from my desk chair into her lap for some roomie TLC, which ended in the creation of a new dance move and the space cadet” Don’t ask, it’s just more Meredith and Sydney-isms 🙂

There are still no picture because my computer still hates me and I have yet to take it in to get it fixed. But it is at the top of my To-Do list, right there with buy conditioner and laundry detergent because the dirty laundry is getting pretty disgusting! Seriously I probably shouldn’t admit this but the last time I did laundry was spring break when I was home…sorry mom!

Anywho be on the lookout for an entire picture post so that you can catch up on everything! Believe it or not I have remembered to snap a few shots of the things I have been doing, I figure I have to take baby steps!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for the week ahead!

Question of the Day:

Have you seen any great movies recently?

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