15 years ago…

Well before we get to that…

I started writing this post and then realized all I was doing was complaining about different things going on in my life. I thought, “Sydney, who wants to read a blog where all you do is complain!” I know I certainly wouldn’t read a blog that had a  Negative Nancy writer! So in light of this realization I will tell you the things I am looking forward to right now!

1. Meredith returning home on Sunday and telling me all about how fabulous NCSU is going to do at College Nationals in Daytona! Good luck Pack, I’ll be out there with you next year!

2. Visiting Michael this weekend for some much needed rest and relaxation!

3. My baby brothers birthday, which is today!! He is 15, I’ll talk more about him in a minute.

4. NCSU cheer tryouts

5. Going home for Easter

6. A very important/exciting conversation Michael and my mother are going to have (SURPRISE!)

ANYWHO on to my little brother…

hahaha sorry I just couldn’t help it!

This little terd is the sunshine in my day believe it or not. He always knows how to make his big sister happy when she is having a particularly tough time (oh jeez I’m already boo-hooing and I’ve barely started writing!) He is such an amazing person and has the incredible ability to never let anything get him down. He could be the happiest person I’ve ever had the joy of knowing. Everyone could learn a thing or two from him about letting the little stuff bounce off you and just enjoy life.

really I can keep them coming, I receive pictures like this on a regular basis!

Colton has a sense of humor that I can’t even describe. He does the strangest things and I think it is the funniest thing I have ever seen or heard. Although Chuchi tends to bed to differ. He can irritate the crap out of you and be as stubborn as an donkey, but then comes up with the wittiest most off the wall thing and you can’t help but smile and get over whatever it was doing that annoyed you in the first place. (chuchi again will beg to differ) He acts like a big goof ball most the time, but this kid is freakishly smart and can tell you about any random crap fact you want to know…and some you would be better off not knowing! Colton is also an extremely talented artist, he said he made me something for my birthday and I know whatever it is I will cherish it.

Look how handsome he is!

Cole has stepped up and taken over as man of the house and I know that can’t be easy living with just 3 girls, but I think he has done an amazing job and I know he is one guy I will always trust and respect. He will make an amazing man and I can’t even begin to describe to everyone how much he means to me.

Colton Thomas Donald Major, I love you so much and can’t wait to come home over Easter Break and spend all day watching CSI and Law and Order. Have an amazing 15th birthday and I am so sorry I am missing it.

Love, Your big sister

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