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I’m feeling so much better now! I think getting away for a little bit to clear my head was the best thing for me! After Michael and I got to his apartment, I skyped my brother who was with my Papa, Uncle Jeff and dad. Its always good to talk to Col, he does the weirdest things. Then I proceeded to sleep for the next 12.5 hours, right through a crazy thunderstorm! When I woke up I was in the mood for a run, problem is I STRONGLY DISLIKE hills! Martinsville is full of them! I knew I only wanted to do a short one but major fail I forgot my garmin 😦 I don’t know how I used to run without it! Michael and I went out into the the cold rainy weather and braced ourself for a quick 2 mile run. It was rough and I absolutely despise hills, but it felt so good doing it and knowing it was done for the day.

After a quick shower I was ready for some grub! Michael and I decided to make biscuits, eggs, apples with peanut butter and kiwi!

It was soooo yummy!

Then I made him try one of my absolute favorite creations from when I was little. It is a biscuit with butter, jelly and sprinkle cheese! An odd combination I know, but I promise it is sooo good!

The story behind this delightful little creation is that one day my mom didn’t have bacon or sausage for us to put on our biscuits so she put out little ramequins of sprinkle cheese, jelly and butter. Upon seeing this I got the brilliant idea to put all 3 on my biscuit, and Shelby and Colton followed suit. My mom came in and was shocked to see the 3 of us munching away on such an odd creation. But ever since that is the way we eat our biscuits and I’m sure my kids will eat their biscuits like that too. Along with salami and cream cheese bagel, but that’s a story for another day.

Now I’m just relaxing on the couch, tonight Michael and I  are having chicken alfredo! I’ve gotten my math homework done and a good portion of my biology lab report. I feel like today has been a highly productive day, but at the same time very relaxed, just the way I like it!

Hope everyone else is enjoying their Saturday!

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite way to eat a biscuit?

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