The Queen of To-Do lists and Post-it Notes

That should be my official title. To start off with a have a horrible addiction/love for school supplies. Everyone when they were little was always so to go back to school clothes shopping for the new year, myself on the other hand could have cared less what clothes I was wearing, I now regret this decision as I’m trying to expand my new independent college closet 🙂 What I looked forward to most was school supplies. New pens, notebooks, planners, post-it notes, highlighters, colored tabs, paper clips, thumb tacks, glue sticks, tape, mechanical pencils, you get the picture! I just loved it all, in fact Petco and Staples are my two favorite stores! I know right about now you are thinking this girl is crazy and I can no longer read her blog, but I’m sure there are others out there just like me, they are just to embarrassed to admit it!

Along with this love of office supplies comes my crazy addiction to creating To-Do lists and leaving Post-it reminders to myself. I’m the kind of person that makes 20 To-Do lists so I don’t forget anything and I feel an immense satisfaction from being able to check something off. And if you have 3 To-Do lists going, you get to check it off more and feel like you have accomplished more. I even go so far as to make a bullet on my To-Do list be to create a To-Do list for the next day. Crazy I know 😀

Currently I have 4 To-Do lists running including 2 Post-it notes. I’ve taken the liberty of taking pictures of them so you have visual proof of just how insane I might be…

As you can see, my To-Do lists vary from really detailed and day specific to semester long planning. I even like to remind myself to make tea in the morning so I don’t forget that I set up all the ingredients last night and leave it in the microwave 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into the organizational methods of a slightly OCD person. I’m off to tackle my monstrous To-Do list, I may need to make some more tea 🙂

Have a Happy Tuesday!

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