I haven’t had my blog for very long, but I’ve been thinking a lot about changing things up in it. I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of things I want to put into my blog, what its name should be etc, etc.

In thinking about all of this, I’ve decided a few things that it could be about,

1. Organization: I organize everything and feel completely lost if things are out of place. I can’t even successfully study or do homework if I have a cluttered space. And of course my planner is attached to my side, I wouldn’t make it anywhere without it.

2. Exercise and Healthy Living: The majority of the blogs that interest me are those that talk a lot about the exercises they do and the foods they eat. I love a good workout and of course I love food, any kind of food, but putting a healthy spin on some of my favorites would be excellent! Unfortunately though I don’t have a kitchen since I am still living in a dorm and no one wants to read about the food the dining hall prepared me….YIKES!

3. My daily life: It isn’t very interesting, but a good majority of my family reads my blog and with me away at school, it is nice for them to have a way of catching up with my day and know what is going on!

Another thing I have been thinking about is the name of my blog. I have a little list going with different combinations of some words, but I really haven’t found one that has clicked yet! I’m going to have my mom work on it too, she is a creative genius and if anyone knows me, its her!

If any of my other family members want to throw in some ideas, they would be much appreciated! Over Easter Break I plan on making a lot of changes to my little blog to make it much more appealing, but right now I have to much going on for any serious bloggie redesign! And I have a feeling that my terrible computer skills will get in the way and I’ll need computer-savvy daddy to come to the rescue…dad you might want to start getting some blogging knowledge right about now!

On a completely random side note, my entire family is on vacation right now and where am I? The dark corner of my dorm hunched over my biology book writing this post. My brother, sister, dad, grandparents and extended family are all in one of my favorite places on earth, Hilton Head, going parasailing, shark fishing, kayaking and many more wonderful adventures that I am missing out on. And my mother is on an island in Texas with JP soaking up the sun. I hope you all are reading this, having an excellent time, and taking pity on poor little me 😉

Some fun pics from last years trip:

Daddy had to do all the work because I was still coming of my shoulder surgery and wasn’t allowed to paddle!

Chuchi and I before parasailing for the first time! This is also before I puked off the side of the boat and hit some guy in the face with it…oops 😉

It’s really difficult to see, but to the right of my brother, you can see the fin of a dolphin poking out of the water. We were kayaking right with dolphins and it was one of the best things I have ever done!

He is just such a gem! We opened all of the windows in the house while cooking the bacon to attract the gators…

Clearly, it worked!


Hope everyone is having an excellent day-before-Friday! I’m off to stretch out these sore muscles from tumbling!

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