Working Machine!

Okay I know there are still no changes to the blog and I have barely been posting since being home, but I promise the “newness” of summer is wearing off and things will start falling into a regularly scheduled routine…at least I sure hope they do!

Last time I posted I was recapping my 2 days of P90X….yeah about that, I haven’t completed a P90X workout since last Wednesday. For that matter I haven’t completed any type of workout…YIKES! Not to mention this weekend I have my first practice with the brand new cheer team and I have done nothing to prepare myself for it!

So far my days have been going a little like this:

9am: wake up; make bowl of cereal; eat while reading The Help (SO GOOD); get ready for work

10am: WORK

2pm: break; come home power nap

4/5pm: back to work to serve or expo (tonight I’ll be expoing)

8:30/9pm: get off work, go home and change, see what Michael and rest of friends are doing then spend time with either my friends or Michael’s friends

12am: return home read 3 pages of The Help before I literally pass out from exhaustion.

And the process repeats itself day after day. I’m not complaining because I am making a significant amount of money, but my chores at home are severely and I don’t think momma is liking that to much! My room looks like a hurricane and a bomb decided to drop by, I have yet to do any of my laundry except my work clothes and those were done by momma, and the bathroom and living room which are my weekly chores have yet to be done… YIKES! On top of all that I must go to the bank because my pile of tip out money should not be sitting in this disaster of a room for fear it will go missing!

Tomorrow I am working a Duke event for Brixx and don’t have to go into work until 2:30, the plan is to get to the bank and attack the room and the rest of the chores in preparation for leaving for Raleigh this weekend. I would be so stressed out to come home from an intense 3 days of practice and see my room in total disarray! Plus I can’t pack if I don’t clean my room because I don’t know where half my stuff is, I have been borrowing momma’s stuff, whoops sorry mom!

Well it is time for me to head back to work! Hope everyone is being a little more productive then I am!

Awkward Picture πŸ™‚

Oh and PS I forgot to mention that last week May 10th was my 3 year anniversary with my best friend Allie celebrating our marriage πŸ˜‰ She griped on me for not having posted about our awesomeness last night at poker night so I thought I would share that special tid bit! Peace out bloggie loves!

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