Finding Motivation

To continue along with my productivity high, I woke up at 8:30 ready to run! I quickly changed and ran to my moms room screaming, “Rise and Shining in the Morning” in a very odd accent that I can only describe as being like the one of the lemur from Madagascar…please don’t judge me! Needless to say she was none to thrilled with me dragging her out of bed into the scorching weather to complete a run, she later loved it…I think.

After running, I quickly showered up and headed to my old stomping ground, Hopewell High School. After taking forever to get through the school, seriously I think it may have airport security beat, I finally made it to the Yearbook room where I got to catch up with some of my favorite people that are still in high school. I also caught up with Mrs. Rogers who without a doubt could be one of the most amazing women I have ever met. Talk about strong, opinionated and full of willpower! I really wish she would get out of Hopewell though, she deserves so much more then she is getting there and I just don’t like to see her tired or unhappy. Besides the usual “yahoos” (one of her favorite words)making her crazy, she looked absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to see her again. My friend Jonesy joined me on the trip so I dropped him back at his house once we finished visiting the school.

On my way home I realized I was famished because I was in such an excited hurry to leave the house I didn’t eat anything. So, into a bowl went taco meat, refried beans, cheese, and sour cream. I mixed this all up and then spooned it out with chips. In my usual fashion I have no pictures of any of my adventures today, but you are probably glad I don’t have a picture of my lunch because it slightly resembled pre-digested dog food….not a pretty picture.

Once I had refueled my body I was ready to go again. Michael came over with his truck and we loaded up as much stuff as we could from the garage and drove it over to Goodwill. It was so hot! I feel bad that Michael has to go sit in it all day, but that is what he gets for being a lifeguard haha 🙂 We ended up being able to take over two loads before he had to go to work and then my mom and I came back inside to start working on some of the other rooms. I finally got some shelves in my room to put all my clothes on and Colton cleaned out the floor of his closet so I was able to hang the rest of my stuff up and get my shoes out of the way. I still have a couple more bags to go through and a lot more stuff to donate, but things are looking very promising 🙂

Now that I have relaxed for a little bit I am finding it much more difficult to find the motivation to start back up again. Especially since my bed seems to be calling my name!

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