Safety Town

I have spent the past two weeks from 9-12 with 30 5 year olds teaching them about fire safety, road safety, gun safety, stranger danger and sooooo much more.

This is Safety Town. Isn’t it so precious! All the little kids practice what they learned about road safety by testing it out on their hot wheels, the red tricycles. I may or may not have also taken my hand at the riding through town.

Slightly embarrassing 🙂

This is the school 🙂

Thats the traffic light that runs right in the center of town. We get the lovely task of pulling over the kids that run through red lights, stop signs, yield signs, railroad crossing signs and school crossing signs. They even get sent to “jail” and we have to hope that when we pull them off their bike to take a quick time out to learn from their mistake that they won’t cry…it isn’t always successful.

After Chuchi and I finished up volunteering we picked up Colton and met Michael at Coral Sushi. I hadn’t had it in awhile and it was soooo good! Unfortunately I didn’t snap any pictures because we were all so hungry it was scarfed down in about two seconds.

Once our bellies were sufficiently stuffed we headed home to kill some time before Michael went to work and of course what better way to kill time then take a power nap!

My favorite boys 🙂

After Michael went to work, I got ready for therapy and was happy that I successfully attended a session without crying one time! My therapist says I have made a lot of progress…wow I am so cool!

When I got home I was craving salmon so I quickly mixed up some stuff after a little trip to the grocery store with Colton.

Into the mix went

  • 1 can shredded salmon
  • olive oil
  • red wine vinegar
  • 1 tsp finely chopped onion
  • 1 can great white northern beans

Put all that on top of a cracker and you will be in Heaven. The only problem we faced was when we only had about 8 crackers 😦 So it was back to the grocery store. We got the crackers, but also splurged on a little more…

We made it back with regular Klondike bars, Reeses Klondike bars, sugar cookie cookie dough, chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate syrup for chocolate milk. And we rented the movie Due Date, which I highly recommend if you are looking for some comic relief! As I worded it to my mother when I sent her a picture, “Sometimes you have to reach into your inner sugar addicted child and use your grown up resources ie credit card and drivers license to splurge.”

I both don’t regret and completely regret all the sugar I consumed and feel as if I have twin food babies growing in me. I’m hoping the twins will leave after watching Burn Notice and the premier of Suits (which I am so stoked for!!) while waiting for Michael and Chuchi to get off work. I love days that I don’t work!

I’ve been getting some great advice about the blog design updates and I’m hoping I will figure out what I want to do with this little baby!

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