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Caution: long post!

There is nothing like a really long weekend full of cheerleading to make you really appreciate being home! This weekends practice really helped to open my eyes about my work ethic when it comes to cheerleading.

After coming back from my shoulder injury I was determined to get all my skills back and be the best cheerleader that I could be. Well I got my full back and stopped there. I had some of the basics and having my full back put me ahead of some of the rest on my team so I was content with the fact that I wasn’t at the bottom.

Then try-outs came along. This year was very selective and competitive. When I made the team again I was thrilled and thought that meant that my skills were just fine where they were.

Then summer came along. I had told myself I would get in a gym and get my skills back and even better then they were before, but then reality sunk in and I didn’t get to a gym at all, not even to work out! I didn’t even run before my first summer practice! needless to say I was feeling very out of shape at the first practice, but not challenged at all. We stunted and I did just fine, we didn’t tumble so no one saw that my skills hadn’t gotten any better or worse. I left practice thinking, “Hey, I need to work out more because I don’t want to be this out of shape at the next practice!”

And that is just what I did, I was consistent with my running and working out at the gym and felt like I was physically in a much better place for this weekends practice then I was for the last 3 day. I certainly was in better shape and came home less sore in general, but I was “out of shape” this time in a totally different way.

Upon getting to practice on Friday, we were surprised with having evaluations. Our coaches were evaluating our standing tumbling, running tumbling and jumps to tuck. I know a lot of this may sound completely foreign to most people, but it is all just common cheer lingo for flips. To add to this misery of being evaluated, we had to do it on dead floor (just meaning there are no springs it is just cement and a mat rolled out on top)

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I hadn’t tumbled on dead floor (or even at all) since my tryout in April…yikes! Luckily I was able to pull out my full, even though it was not up to my usual standard I was satisfied that I did it. Then when it got to standing tumbling I panicked and didn’t even do what I had already done for try-outs. I even busted my pass and hurt my finger 😦 My pride was seriously hurting (so was my finger) but I realized I could be mad at no one but myself for not getting to a gym and practicing my skills.

Thats exactly what this evaluation was about, to see who had the drive to get to the gym and work on their skills when they weren’t told to. Participating in college sports means you have to work out and practice out side of practice and I think I have been taking that for granted lately. My coach wanted to name who was going to camp at this 3 day, but was so disappointed by our performance she only named a few of the spots, and I wasn’t one of them.

It really hurt not hearing my name called, but the only person I could blame was myself. I hadn’t pushed myself or done what was asked of me so why should my coach give me the opportunity to prove myself at camp?

All I know is this weekend was a huge eye opener in me and it also lit a flame that I think had died out. I know I have a lot of old injuries that make being the best really difficult, but now that I am committed to leading a healthy lifestyle and taking care of my body it might be easier to stay healthy physically and not end up with so many injuries. I was put in a category this weekend that I don’t like being in and I am determined to show up at the next 3 day and prove to my team, my coaches and most importantly myself that I deserve a spot on that team because I am dedicated to making myself the best cheerleader I can be.

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