Jury Duty

Yes, those words are coming from my 19-year-old mouth. I. Have. Jury. Duty. When, you might ask, do I get to partake in my wonderful civic duty? Oh that would be at 8am…


Needless to say I am not at all excited about it and I will explain this whole sad situation to you. First off I was originally summoned August 23rd, but I will be back at school so I was supposed to go online and defer my summons to a different date.

As I was filling out the necessary steps, I went to put the date of which I would like to attend court and without really having a date in mind I figured some time next year would be appropriate so I would have plenty of time to deal with it.

Unfortunately instead of hitting July 13, 2012….

I hit July 13, 2011…

aka today…

and I was scheduled to work this morning.

I erupted into tears of course when I placed the necessary phone call and was greeted by an automated message telling me my presence was indeed required. Another sad thing is being old and not being able to have mommy just fix it and make it better.

In other words, instead of my original plan which consisted of waking up early, going for a run, showering, heading to work, earning some money, packing and tanning for the beach, I woke up even earlier then I intended and am heading out the door with mom for downtown.

What does any sane person do on the night before they have jury duty? Certainly not what this girl did.

I tend to have issues with bad cases of anxiety at unfamiliar things in which I have to do on my own. Such as an new gym class, or therapy session or meeting, anything really. So to put it simply I have been scared out of my wits about having to go to jury duty ever since my mistake.

Instead of getting a good nights sleep, I did this…

I turned this…

and this…

into this…

Its crazy I know, but I did feel tons better once I had a clean room, my clothes laid out and of course a little of this playing

That would be the Children’s Walt Disney station on Pandora playing one of my all time favorite songs!

Well I’ll post later with what happens to me today. Still not excited. Still dreading everything. Yikes.

Wish me luck! Hope your hump day is starting out better then mine!

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