A great day

Today has been a great day. I feel very accomplished and happy!

I went to bed last night around 3 in the morning because I was studying for a quiz for my animal science: anatomy and physiology course…I know just a quiz and I was up that late!

(this picture looks like a was studying in the dark, but I swear I wasn’t)

On the plus side I feel very confident about that quiz! I made sure to get up early and get fully ready, clean my room and make my bed, take out the trash and eat a healthy breakfast this morning so that I could feel as good for the quiz as possible!

It is always a little difficult to study in a suite with 7 other girls… some of the craziness from last is in these next couple pictures

First in order to celebrate one of my suitemates making the dance team, we ordered pokey sticks…fattening amazingness basically.

Then in preparation for our first game which is on Saturday, Meg was trying to break in her new shoes and took a shower with them

Isn’t she cute haha

I had the best time visiting with my family today! In all of the craziness that ensued with being with my family I forgot to take pictures…major fail…haha pun intended 😉 I know, I’m a dork.

We went to Sushi Blues and the food was ok, next time I will be sure to pick a better restaurant, but I panicked and it was the first that came to mind. Then we headed over to Kmart, which Chuchi decided was actually a knock off Kmart and they were going out of business because the REAL Kmart was suing them… she is such a hoot! We got some stuff for the room there and then came back to put it all together and chat with the suite mates.

Here is what the room looks like now!

This is my desk area, I finally got my picture frames filled and hung up and my pretty letter that Kyleigh made for me.

My wall art says “Always kiss me good night.” It is a saying that both Meredith and I had before we even knew each other and we love it! I am also now obsessed with wall art because I think it looks sooooo pretty! I am also going to get some pink sheets for my bed because they will fit with the room better this year.

Audrey finally got hung up! I am so afraid she is going to fall, but she is a tough one so I think she will make it through. And of course once we had Audrey up, we had to put up Marilyn as well. But we all know Audrey is 1000x better.

And this is our fridge, filled with the INCREDIBLE food mommy brought me. She brought cookies, queso, tacoritos, apples, water, and black bean and corn salsa! I’ve said it once and I will say it again…


Well I am off to bed! I’m getting breakfast with Meg and Meredith at 9 so I want to be fully rested 🙂

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