This morning started off like most Saturday morning when I don’t have a game, with breakfast with Michael, Emily, Caroline, Olivia and Josh. Kyleigh and Megan had already left for the game because they made travel team (yayy girls!) and Meredith went home for the weekend for some TLC (lucky duck!)

Everyone was just sitting around the table talking when we got the brilliant idea to go visit the SPCA in Raleigh! I immediately was so excited and texted my mom, this is the response I got…

“Nice! dont get a dog! do you hear me! DO NOT get a dog…or puppy or any live animal!”

Yikes, sounds like I might have done this before *cough cough belle, squirt, ariel, giselle cough* hehe 😉

Anywho Caroline and Olivia decided not to join us because they had stuff they had to do so the 4 of us hit the road for Petfinder Ln (cutest name for an animal shelter!)

When we got there we milled around a bit in the lobby and then headed straight back to the puppies!

Then in puppy tub 1 I found my love!

Meet Belle! (originally named kileah, but changed)

She was so fluffy and she smelled like puppy and gave little puppy nips that were hard to resist. Needless to say Michael and I were in love! We almost left with her, but Josh reminded Michael that their apartment complex doesn’t allow animals…NOOOOOO! I was heartbroken.

Michael gave her his hat which she had a fabulous time slobbering all over

She even dragged it off to a corner with her!

(Sorry about the sucky picture quality, in my excitement to get some animal interaction I left it in the car and couldn’t tear myself away from the sweet thing to grab it from the front seat.)

Once we finally tore ourselves away from her, we went and checked out the kittens, but Michael is firmly against cats, mainly because I’m highly allergic and can’t help but rub my face on them. We browsed around some more, but then decided to leave and head to Petco and Petsmart.

I’m back now and just finished an NTC (Nike Training Club) workout with my new 10lb dumbbells from momma! I felt the burn and I was sweating up a storm! The dorm is still really quiet so I’m going to work on some homework and then probably watch a movie with the girls tonight!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

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  1. Sydney,

    I’d like to talk to you about an upcoming blogger demo session at Styles Group Fitness in Cary. We’re a unique fitness boutique for women that combines the benefits of personal training with the intensity of a bootcamp, and our newest community opened here in April. We’re hosting a special class for local bloggers this month, and if it’s something you’re interested, I’d love to tell you more about it. Just email me.


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