On the Ball

I love those days when everything is done on time, everything goes exactly according to plan, you feel super accomplished and just are so happy because of it…

Today is not one of those days…

Sure I am happy I got an 83 on my first ANS exam and a 95 on my first Communications exam, but instead of coming back to the room and coming up with a creative blog post and then going for a run and stimulating my brain for a little more studying…

I had a meltdown. I choose to blame it on…well I don’t know really, but I am sure there is some reason why I am stuck in this massive funk. A run would have done my mind and body some good.

Here are the after effects of my meltdown,

That would be my entire bed, including my mattress ripped off and thrown on the floor. I also ripped off Meredith’s, but I put that all back like I found it…Not a pretty sight. What inspired the need to take everything of my bed? I have no idea but please don’t label me a crazy person, yet.

I have yet to fix it because I just don’t feel like it. Well I just received a text from my mom saying BREATHE!!! She must have gotten the picture Meredith took of this same mess but me laying on top of the mattress…yikes! (you now have permission to call me crazy)

I think if I could have just taken my Chemistry test this morning instead of having to wait all day to take it I would be just fine…but no…I’m waiting until 3 to take my test that I feel so prepared for my eyes might cross. Thats a new one right?

So in a way I guess I am kind of on the ball, I have my post for tomorrow already written and I am ready to take my chemistry test. It just didn’t go the way that I had planned and we all know how I feel about things not going according to plan!

Anywho I am going to do some last minute review just to make sure my brain is in chemistry mode for when I get to my test. Sorry this post is so random!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Oh, boy! I know days like that. And its always so hard to let things go and “BREATHE” as your mom said. Hope you get to feeling better!

  2. Good luck on your test!


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