Time for a Change

This weekend was very relaxing. It was just what the doctor ordered. I stayed in my pajamas, didn’t get out of bed until I wanted to, watched multiple episodes of Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Law and Order: SVU, and CSI and also worked on a lot of homework.

I also did something a tad drastic and if any of you follow me on Twitter then you probably know what I am talking about…


This is a huge deal for me because I have never done anything to my hair and have always been terrified to because I was afraid I would never get my original color back.

This is my original color, right before the dying began. I also was really bored last night and curled my hair just for the sake of practicing. I’m sure at some point I will take a better picture where I am wearing real clothes and not the shirt I got my freshman year of high school…yikes haha

I’ve also been told that pink doesn’t go with my new hair color (thanks mom) and that I blend in with the wardrobe behind me (thank you michael) So no worries a new picture will be coming soon!

So far everyone has liked it with the exception of Michael. His excuse is that he thought I looked perfect before, I think he just needs time ๐Ÿ™‚

Emily did an amazing job putting up with my massive amounts of hair and helping me dye my hair! Big thanks to her!!

After the hair situation, I went to the train station to pick up the boy and then spent some time with him since he has been at home since Thursday. But he brought me back in time to indulge in one of my new favorite tv shows, Dirty Soap. It’s a reality tv show following a couple of Soap Opera (is it still called that) stars. I watch it and Kendra every Sunday night with Meredith and Emily. Then I have to watch PanAm, another of my new favorite shows, online on Monday.

That tops off my weekend, I just have to finish filling out my planner for the week and then this Small Town Girl is going to force herself to fall asleep.

PS Michael Buble’s Christmas Album comes out tomorrow!! My dad said he was going to buy it and then I am going to hopefully figure out that iCloud mess that came with the iOS5 to put it on my computer and phone….and usually I have a strict rule of not listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, but Michael Buble calls for an exception ๐Ÿ™‚

Question of the Day:

Have you ever dyed your hair? Was it a good or bad experience?

Do you have any weird rules about Christmas decorations/music/movies?

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