Greetings from DH Hill

Today has been super productive! I am currently taking a little study break from the dreaded Chemistry to type this post because my mind was starting to get lost in ionic and covalent bonds, lewis structures, bond orders….and I think if I had any readers they all just fell asleep


Okay glad you’re back, Today I got up went to PE where we wore the heart rate monitors and did a cardio interval that had me a sweaty mess by the end of it. I haven’t really used a heart rate monitor before, but I really liked it! Then I had microeconomics which was fairly uneventful, although I did get another A on my latest homework assignment. I should come out with an A in that class 🙂 My communications class was cancelled for the day because she was holding student-teacher conferences so after lunch with Michael, I headed back to the room to do a bit of homework and started watching PanAm.

PanAm was amazing as usual and I am really getting into the characters! I don’t think I have a favorite yet, but I’m sure I will soon. If only I could live during that time and be a stewardess….I would do it in a heartbeat!

I had to stop half way through PanAm to go to chemistry recitation, which was quick and painless as usual. I was eager to get back to the room though because I was working on getting my computer authorized with my dad’s iTunes so that I could get all my old music and get the new Michael Buble Christmas album!!

Trust me when I tell you, IT IS AMAZING! I know it hasn’t even been Halloween yet, but I am seriously jamming hardcore to this Christmas album in the library right now…I may have even put on quite the performance for Meredith in the room…complete with jazz squares, spirit fingers/jazz hands and high kicks….oh yeah.

After I got all that situated, Michael and I headed out for a 2.41 mile run, we realized how out of shape our running is compared to what we used to do when he would come visit me at school last year, it made us both feel pretty pathetic to be honest. When we got back we did Ab Ripper X and then he left to catch the bus and I got ready for cheerleading lift. We upped our weight today and I felt pretty good! Then it was team style nachos for dinner with Meredith and Emily and that brings me to my current state.

I went through the study guide for the first chapter that is going to be on the test and I am pretty happy with my color-coded answers (did you expect anything less?)

Michael is tired so we are going to leave soon I think, but I need to keep working when I get back to the dorm. I would be happy with one more chapter and possibly getting at least 2 more questions on my homework that is due Thursday. A homework due and a test on the same day…gotta love college professors 🙂

Michael must be done studying because I just looked over at his computer and he has googled my name….he keeps things interesting thats for sure!

We’re headed home for the night!

Question of the Day:

Do you study better in the library or at home?

I definitely study better in the library, I live with 7 other girls and we are all on different schedules. While I might have a few tests and need to focus on homework and studying, someone else could have nothing to do and be doing something way more interesting and I get easily distracted. If I’m at the library, I know it is time for business and I am pretty good about focusing on what needs to be done.

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