Whip it real good

I heard that song in that movie Raising Helen with Kate Hudson (who I love!) The song has absolutely nothing to do with what I have to say other than it has the word “whip” in it and that is what I have to tell you about. But first I’ll start with the rest of my day.

This morning started like any other, woke up, got ready, and went to my first class, which was Animal Science. On Tuesday I also have my animal science lab, but I have a good couple hours before it starts so today I decided to keep my productivity levels high and I headed up to study hall after grabbing a quick breakfast. I worked straight through to my lab and it felt so good! I still have a lot to be doing tonight, but I significantly decreased my workload and got in a good bit of studying for my Chemistry test on Thursday.

In lab today we dissected a cow heart! It really is a fascinating structure and so complex. What I was most surprised about was how tough it was. We were yanking and pulling things apart trying to see and label everything and it was holding up against all that abuse!

Then I grabbed lunch at the atrium where I watched this couple sitting in front of me. They both sat on the same side of the booth, which I don’t know how anyone else feels, but I hate when couples do that. I feel like I would get a crick in my neck having to talk to someone who was sitting in the booth right beside me!

Chemistry felt like it was dragging on today, but they may have been because we were learning material that 1. wasn’t on our test and 2. she hadn’t posted the notes for….I was not a happy camper. I like to go into class with my notes already printed and write and highlight right on the slides. If I don’t have the slides already, then I have to write down what is on the slide and I miss some of the stuff she is saying!

By 4:25 I was finally back in my room! I had been gone all day and it was nice to be “home” I changed into my practice clothes and went straight to working on my chemistry homework. Then it was time for dinner and off to practice.

This is where the good stuff comes in! After working on this for a bit now, I finally got my roundoff whip backhandspring tuck! My goal now is to change the tuck to a full and then work on from there! Ultimately I would love to have a cool pass like roundoff whip full backhandspring full. I think that should be my long term goal. Also I want to get my two to full, which I didn’t work on tonight, but I will work on it!

Now it’s time for more homework, a shower and bed!

Question of the Day:

Does it bother you if couples sit on the same side of the booth?

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