Smooth Sailing

The rest of this week is smooth sailing! This morning I took my animal science quiz and think I did fairly well on it. That class felt like it lasted forever today because she covered only a small portion of our material, but she went so in-depth into it, I thought my hand was going to cramp up from writing so much!

After that I went to case and cleaned out their supply of paper and ink with how much I printed! It was actually a little ridiculous…sorry case! I have a lot of organizing to do tomorrow before I leave for the weekend! I planned on going to the gym to get in a run after that, I was dressed and ready to go, and wasn’t paying attention and completely walked right by it and back to my dorm. I didn’t feel like turning back around so I just went upstairs and started getting ready for the day.

After I was ready, I did some more practice problems for chemistry and then met up with Bradford for lunch. The strangest thing happened to me while I was waiting outside the atrium for him. Two girls approached me and started having a conversation with me, then they asked if I had anything on my heart that I needed prayer about. On the spot right there, I didn’t know what to say and told them I had a chemistry test coming up. So right there in front of the Atrium, these two girls put their hands on my arms and prayed for me. I like my relationship with God and although I would probably never approach someone and ask to pray for them when I don’t know them because I don’t know what their beliefs or viewpoints are, I appreciated their kindness. Everyone needs a little prayer sometimes. It was funny because Bradford walked up right as they began praying so he kind of hung out in the background and then after lunch he texted me probably 15 minutes after we parted ways saying someone had stopped him over by the dorms, struck up a conversation and then asked if they could pray for him.

Lunch was a lot of fun, its always nice to get together with Bradford and catch up. My mom and his mom are best friends and I have known Bradford since I was in the 4th grade. We go wayyy back! I really like that I can talk to Bradford about pretty much anything and know that I will get a straight up honest answer about what he thinks. Sometimes he is a little too honest, but I couldn’t appreciate it any more! Every time I leave from one of our lunch dates I think, “I need to hang out with him more” and then I never follow through with it 😦 I should make more of an effort to make it happen though!

Then came the chemistry test! I am actually really interested to hear how I did on this one because I feel better about it then my first test. I started to freak out right before the test because I thought maybe I hadn’t studied enough or I missed part of the material, but I remembered what my mom always tells me, “just breathe,” and I worked through each problem one at a time and felt very confident about it in the end!

The hard part of my week is over! It was so nice to just come back to my room turn on the tv, enjoy a little facebook, some criminal minds, and even a little cat nap Meg and I took before dinner. Dinner was pretty uneventful and I had another bowl of cereal because the food just didn’t look appetizing. I am so ready to have my own kitchen and make my own meals. I know it is going to be a lot of extra work and I will miss having already prepared meals ready at my convenience, but I miss the variety and the quality that just seems to be lacking from the dining hall food.

Michael then picked me up from Case and we went to an information meeting about studying abroad in New Zealand! Boy, am I pumped! Hiking through beautiful trails, going to the adventure capitol of the world, hiking a glacier, open sea kayaking, and swimming with hundreds of dolphins and the best part of all…it is 6 credit hours! The bad part is…money. Honestly though when is money ever not a problem! This trip is very expensive and with the way things are going right now, everyone has to be very careful. They do have some scholarships available and I am going to talk to my advisor and see what other scholarships they have to offer and how much money I can get together to help pay for this trip.

I had a long talk with my dad tonight about all of the factors that are going on with my future right now and money seems to be at the root of them. How to get money, how to save money, how to invest money, how to spend money, etc etc. It is really frustrating because I only have two summers left before I am considered a real person and  have to do real people things and that is a terrifying thought! I feel like I have so much I need to squish into this time before I start that life and it seems like it will be so difficult.

I guess I need to just take my mom’s advice again,

Just Breathe

I’ll take one thing at a time as it comes to me and do the best that I know how with what I am given. Easier said then done 😉

Question of the Day:

Do you have to say anything to yourself when you start to get stressed out? Do you get easily stressed out or are you able to let things bounce off of you?

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