Tumbling Tuesday

Tonight’s post will be short, sweet and to the point because I have about a million and a half things to do and absolutely not enough time to do them. There just really aren’t enough hours in the day!

So to start out, I slept until 11 am….whoops! Remember that whole starting November off with a bang and getting back on track? Yeah well it didn’t quite happen that way, but I have full confidence things will return to normal. I made it to my lab where I dissected a sheep’s respiratory system, it was verrrryyy difficult to find everything they were asking us to look for. My favorite part of the whole thing was I got to use the word “bifurcation!” There is a funny story behind that word, but I just don’t have the time to tell it! Maybe another day 😉

After lab I grabbed a quick lunch, came back to the room and seriously debated wether or not to go to Chemistry. My conscience finally kicked in and I forced myself to go, only to receive my chemistry test back with a grade I was definitely not expecting. I was down in the dumps after that one!

I came back to the room, changed for practice and cleaned up my stuff a little then Meg, Meredith and I headed out to dinner. I had cereal for dinner, again. I feel like Case is getting really repetitive with our meals and I’m just not feeling it!

Finally the exciting news! Tonight in the last 15 minutes of practice, our coach let us work on whatever tumbling we wanted. I went straight to dead floor to do my tuck, double toe tuck, backhandspring tuck, and pike back. Those are skills that I have solid and need to throw on dead floor whenever asked because the more practice I have on the competition surface the better it will be when it comes to the real deal (knock on wood I get to make it to the real deal!) Afterwards I headed to spring floor to work on my two to full. The spotter had already left, so I figured I would at least work on my backhandspring and the power going into them. They were feeling really powerful tonight and I considered throwing the pass. I talked to Meredith (one of our captains) and Meg and they told me that if I wanted to do it I would just have to commit. I wasn’t sure I could commit so I did another two to layout. It was so good, everyone told me to go back up and just try it.


It was the best feeling in the world! I need to keep up the consistency, but the hardest part is now over. I did it three times tonight and once I am comfortable with it on spring floor I will move it over to dead floor. 🙂

Now I’m off to finish lots of homework and prepare for my microeconomics test tomorrow morning. It is going to be a very looooong sleepless night!

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