Time well spent

That is exactly how this whole day has felt. I woke up earlier then usual, 7:10 to be exact (yikes) got ready and headed to breakfast with Kyleigh and Megan. I had some wonderful yogurt, granola, peaches, bananas and blueberries this morning and it tasted just like a parfait! Then I went to animal science, which felt like it lasted an eternity because for some reason I was exhausted. I knew that even though I didn’t have another class until 3, I couldn’t go back to my dorm room because I had to be productive!

So instead of taking a nap in my nice warm bed, I spent 3 hours and 24 minutes in study hall catching up on all reading/homework that has been neglected this past week due to my laziness. I got so much done! All that I had left was my chemistry assignment, which I planned to finish after I did an appearance at the Ram Roast!

I had lunch with Caroline and Kyleigh, hmmm Kyleigh was like my food buddy today šŸ™‚ Then went to chemistry, which also seemed to never end. Once I was done though, I was free! I came back to the room, took a power nap and then got ready for the Ram Roast, which was after dinner.

You probably have absolutely no idea what I am talking about when I say Ram Roast, but don’t worry I will fill you in. There is a school about 30 minutes away that is terrible! Everything about it just screams awful (quick apology to all my good friends that go there and then at the same time…I’m sorry you go there.) They are this ugly blue color and they are a bunch of just weirdos šŸ™‚ haha okay my attempt at being really mean is sounding more like a 3rd grader fighting with another 3rd grader.

Basically we are playing them this Saturday and beating them (knock on wood) for the FIFTH year in a row! It was just a pep rally to get the students fired up, but it was really cool! The band played Red and White and our Fight Song, we did WOLF PACK signs, the clogging team performed, the Ladies in Red (an all girl A cappella group) sang a few songs, the Howling Honies (dance team) did their routine, and Acappology (coed A cappella group) also performed some songs. Also our head coach Tom O’Brian and the football captains made some short speeches to get people pumped for the game on Saturday. Then there was free BBQ and everyone knows that free food and college students are like peanut butter and jelly šŸ™‚

It was really cool to see those other groups perform because sometimes I feel like cheerleading keeps me so busy, I don’t experience the thousands of other things that State has to offer. Not that I would ever be able to join the clogging team or sing in an A cappella group, but it is cool to know that the option is out there!

As soon as I got back from the Ram Roast, Adam helped me with my chemistry homework and I got a 100 on it (major thanks!) Since everything else was done I got to clean my room and organize my binders while watching PanAm šŸ™‚ (such a good episode! does anybody watch and kinda sorta really not like Maggie right now!?!)

I have a lot of housekeeping things to do tomorrow after class to get ready for my family coming in and the game this weekend. Like get hairspray because I’m totally out and if Meredith has to curl my hair at 6 in the morning with no hairspray, she is going to be even more ill then she will be for having to wake up at 6 in the morning!

Hope everyone had a good Thursday and is ready for Friday!

PS…Dad try to get some sleep!! šŸ™‚

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