What a weekend

Wow. This weekend has definitely been one for the books! I can’t believe I’m about to start this week and I’m seriously dreading it. I have a PE sit up test on Monday, final written exam on Wednesday, Chemistry exam on Thursday and Communications exam on Friday. It is also homecoming weekend and I have family friends coming up with my mom and brother. Now on to more exciting things! A recap of my first trip to Boston (and hopefully not my last)

We met at the Murphy Center to load our luggage onto the buses and of course take some pictures.

Small Coed

Once we had loaded the buses, we went to RDU airport and went through a brief security and boarded the planes. We ended up waiting an hour for the players to join us on the plane so we could take off. It really wasn’t so bad of a wait though because each seat had a tv with new releases and also a goody bag full of food!

Our goody bags had a chicken and cheese quesodilla , a philly cheese steak, an apple and orange and a chewy bar. I watched all of Horrible Bosses, which was absolutely hilarious! After that I started Friends with Benefits, which I liked but didn’t get a chance to finish because we had finally landed in Boston!! After hopping off the plane we quickly headed to bus #4 and rode it to our hotel. There we got our bags and met in the lobby to discuss where and what time we would go to dinner.

Our hotel.

We got ready and took cabs over to this little italian restaurant. I got fettucini alfredo and it was sooo good! Just really rich! When we came back we had about an hour until room checks, so I worked on some homework and then it was lights out at 11. Harold gave us the good news that we didn’t have to curl our hair for the game, so luckily we didn’t have to get up at 5 to curl my hair! Instead I woke up at 7:15, got completely ready and met the rest of the team to walk to the Dunkin Donuts for breakfast before check out at 9.

Our security escort to the game!

I got a plain bagel with cream cheese and a Boston Creme donut, I ate a Boston Creme in Boston! I was so excited! After breakfast we checked out of our rooms and then met in one of the event rooms for FCA. I really liked the guy that talked and would love to attend FCA more often back at school, but of course they are on Tuesday nights when we have practice.

After that we loaded the buses to head to the stadium! I was so excited, I have about 1,000 pictures on my phone of everything I saw on the way there, which was really just a bunch of trees, but they were gorgeous trees! Once we were on the field it was time to warm up, it was so cold though we kept our warm ups on and there really never was any “warming up”

We got pictures on the field and we were even given state scarves to take pictures in. For being as far away as we were, we had quite the state section at the game! Unfortunately the game did not end as planned. We lost 14-10 😦 I’m pretty sure Boston College is the worst team in the ACC, so it was a very disappointing loss.

After the game there were more pictures, and we broke down our equipment, headed to the bathrooms to change, loaded the buses and waited on the football team. Once they were on, it was a quiet ride to the plane and an even quieter plane trip back. I finished Friends with Benefits and started the final Harry Potter, but there wasn’t enough time to finish it. Then it was back to the buses, unloading our stuff and heading to Kyleigh’s car. We finally got back to our room around 8 last night and it felt more like one in the morning. After a quick shower it was time for me to pass out! Today has been all about relaxing and working on homework. Michael and I spent a lot of the day with Emily and Phillip, but now I’m going to go to the library with Michael once this is done. I think I am going to skype my brother first though. 🙂

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