Is it Thanksgiving Break yet?

Seriously, Thanksgiving cannot come soon enough! This morning I got test numero uno out of the way and did my 60 sit ups in 2 minutes for max points on my sit ups.

I finished early, grabbed a smoothie at Freshens, that ended up not agreeing with my stomach, and headed to ARE 201 to work on a bit of communications reading. I got a big chunk of that done and felt like I was finally on track with that class since I have been slacking a bit on keeping up with my readings.

I met Michael, Kyleigh (the birthday girl) Meredith, Ri, Charlie and Erin for lunch at Case. I had a chicken caesar wrap and some scalloped potatoes, but again my stomach was not agreeing with me!

Communications went by pretty fast, we wrapped up the section on relationships and we took a love test. Turns out my love types are pragma and storge, meaning I like comfortable and practical relationships. I think that basically sums it up!

I headed straight to chemistry recitation hoping it would be an easy one. It wasn’t really, but I understand the material fairly well, which is good because I have a test on Thursday that I really want an A on.

I came back and glued my behind to my desk chair to crack down on all of this work I have. I finished my communications reading and got a good portion of my chemistry bonus webassign that is due tomorrow. All to soon it was time to head to lift.

Today we maxed out on squats and bench press. I increased my squat from 165 to 175, but I think I could have got 185 if they had let me try again. I also increased my bench from 95 to 105. Overall I am pretty happy with how I am progressing and hopefully next time I’ll increase again!

Practice felt long, but at the same time quick if that makes any sense. I was having an off night and my stunting was not meshing well with my other bases. I was getting frustrated easily because I am already very stressed out and the fact that I wasn’t performing as well as I would like threw me off. I was chosen to cheer the Wednesday girls basketball game and was also selected to attend Nationals practice on Sunday. That makes for a very full week and I will just have to hope that I can step it up!

After practice we got some dinner because we had to miss the dining hall dinner (oh darn) and now I’ve been glued to my desk again. I finished my chemistry webassign and got a 100 on it, so it is on to the next! Actually I think a shower is in order first, a little reward for getting things done!

I also went to mention a special prayer request for my suitemates sisters, Emily and Caitlyn. They were hit by a drunk driver earlier today around 5. Luckily they got away with only some burns and scratches, but it is still very scary. I don’t know what kind of person feels the need to drunk drive at 5 in the afternoon, or at any time for that matter, but I’m just so glad they are safe and I’m praying for a speedy recovery for them both.

Happy Monday Y’all 🙂

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