Starting the New Year with a BANG

I was catching up with my dad the other night on the phone and we realized that is exactly what has happened so far in the new year. Last time I posted, I was writing down my goals for the new year and getting things together. So much has happened since then!

It started on Thursday, January 5th. I spent ALL day cleaning and preparing for my mom to come back to town. Everything was going to be perfect, the whole house was clean, I was defrosting the pork chops for dinner, I was going to make asparagus wrapped proscuitto from my new cookbook, things were looking great!

Then I got a text from my mom saying she had landed 30 minutes before she was expected. She said it was fine and not to rush, but to leave as soon as I could. So I loaded myself, Shelby and Colton into the BMW and headed out. Shelby was my navigator, and Colton was hiding stuff in the back seat that he was supposed to have taken out of the car earlier in the week before my mom came home. We had just gotten on 85 and weren’t far from the airport when a UPS truck tried to merge into my lane! ON ME! I started panicking, he wasn’t looking and clearly could not see me. He forced me into the other lane where I was then hit by an 18 wheeler….the airbags deployed and I was completely shocked. One of the scariest moments of my life. I pulled off the road and couldn’t believe this was actually happening. Everything I had worked so hard to make perfect was going to be completely undermined by the fact that I just wrecked my mom’s car. It was awful. I was so happy everyone was safe, but it didn’t stop me feeling terrible.

The 18 wheeler tried to stop the UPS truck because he saw him run me into the other lane, but the driver kept going. I called the police and my dad came quickly after. Everyone was perfectly nice and things were handled like they should, but it still put a big damper on the night.

Now I am back at school and I have finished my first week of the semester. I really like all my new classes, but they will definitely be challenging! Because of my GPA last semester, I am a scholar athlete and will be recognized at the men’s basketball game this Thursday, which I am pretty excited about!

Another exciting thing is Chuchi and two of her friends will be coming up Thursday to visit with me! I’m currently trying to get us all tickets to the men’s game!

Last night Michael and I decided to have a date night! We spent a good majority of the day with Emily and Olivia, looking around the mall and just hanging out. The we came back and quickly got ready to head back to the mall to eat at Cheesecake Factory! I was so excited! We ended up forgetting that a reservation would have been the smart thing to do  on a Saturday night and had to wait an hour and forty minutes for a table, but it was worth it! We killed time by wandering around the mall until my feet hurt and then headed back to wait some more!

Dinner was soooo good! We got fried macaroni balls for an appetizer, then I had a Chicken Parmesean Sandwich with a side caesar and Michael had a steak. For dessert we got a piece of vanilla bean cheesecake to go and brought it back to the apartment. By the time we finished it, we were both in food comas!

All in all it was a wonderful night and these next two days are going to be spent prepping for the week, finishing homework, getting in some workouts and of course relaxing!

Goals for the Week:

Blog at least once each day, run 3 times this week, no soda.

I’m going to finish watching Dirty Dancing and then I am determined to write my Nutrition paper!

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