Hair Bows and Cauliflower

As promised, I wore my new sweatshirt today. It is sooo comfy!

Today started my second week of classes, but it feels like I have already been in these classes for months. It is amazing how quickly one falls right back into the routine of class, homework, practice, working out, study hall hours, eating, socializing, games, lifting and everything else that consumes my days.

My first two classes went by in a flash, but I had a lot of reading to do tonight at study hall. Today was also my first day of my Organic Chemistry lab…fun right! It actually was a breeze, it’s supposed to be 2 hours and 45 minutes, but we just went over safety today and were out in just 20 minutes! Seriously so happy! And I also found out that I have that lab only every other week…SCORE!

I came back to the room, cleaned up more horrible mess and finally loaded a bunch of pictures from over winter break onto my computer. I put a lot of good ones up on Facebook and they would have been up here had I not slacked so much on the blog over the break, whoops!

Because I had so much time to kill until my doctors appointment at 3:20, Kyleigh and I goofed around with our new hair-do’s!



Meredith clearly thought we were a couple of nutjobs….honestly though I don’t blame her! I’m still not sure how Kyleigh tied my hair in a bow, all I know is I almost left for my doctors appointment with it still in!

I headed out early for my doctors appointment and I was definitely having jitters about it! But all was well and the doctor even asked me if I exercised because I looked fit! Always nice when someone notices your hard work!

I caught up with momma for a little bit, which is always nice, especially on days when I really miss being home. Then I headed into study hall to meet up with Meredith to try and get some work done. Unfortunately I didn’t get nearly what I wanted to get accomplished, but sometimes thats just how it happens.

Once dinner time rolled around, Meredith and I headed downstairs to meet up with Kyleigh, Olivia and Emmy. In an attempt to eat healthy I got a baked chicken breast and cauliflower cheddar bake. After dinner, Emmy and I headed to the Rec Center to get in a run. When we got there thought we had no idea this is what we were going to be facing…

(Picture will be inserted at later date, I’m having difficulties and it is too late for me to try and figure out what I am doing wrong!)

It was crazy! All the January Gym Goers are still out! They had two guys patrolling the treadmills, watching how long people were staying on there for. I finally got a treadmill and quickly did my two mile run. For some reason it was a difficult run for me. I did the same speeds I always do, but I came out looking like a tomato and had legs like jelly! I went to my floor meeting smelling and looking like that, but at that point I didn’t really care.

After a quick shower, Michael came over and we knocked out a huge portion of our Nutrition paper. Unfortunately I just can’t finish it up tonight because my brain does not want to be functioning any longer! Like I said the other night, I am a big time grandma and I am up wayyyy past my bedtime.

Tomorrow I get to look forward to a 7am lift and then a 2 mile run after to start my day full of classes and practice. I’m predicting another late night tomorrow with all that I will have to jam into my schedule.

PS I have verbally sold 4 calendars and the money should be arriving with my sister on Thursday! This is super exciting because that means I only have one to go and I haven’t even asked my other grandparents if they want one! But trust me I have plenty of suite mates who have to sell their calendars too, so if anybody wants one they can contact me and I can definitely make it happen! Remember $15! 🙂

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