St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope somebody is out doing something crazy to enjoy their St Patty’s Day! Mine has been fairly mundane, but I really don’t mind. Emmy, Meredith and I slept in today then headed to breakfast where we were all satisfied to get eggs and bagels (yumm)

We hurried back to finish the first Lord of the Rings, which Meredith had never seen, before Mere had to leave to cheer the women’s NIT basketball tournament. I’m out on injury right now and taking some time to let my body heal before Daytona, which is rapidly approaching!! After finishing the movie, we did some cleaning, and headed our separate ways. Meredith to the game, Emmy to homework and me to the gym!

I brought my Kindle, which ended up being a fabulous idea! 3.5 miles flew by while I read Vision in White by Nora Roberts. I have been a reading machine this past week and it has been wonderful! I finished both The Girl who Played with Fire and Cemetery Girl. Both were very good! That run marked my 4th run of the week. Daytona here I come!

When I got back, Emmy and I took our homework outside to enjoy the beautiful day. This weather is intoxicating and we ended up soaking up the sun more then being productive. I’ve just been working on more homework since coming inside and now that most of it is done, I’ll probably go back to reading 🙂

Funny side note: My mom went out last night and was up until 2am while I had to stop the movie at 12 because it was way past my bed time! My friends and I are definitely not your typical college students and when you know were cheerleaders, we certainly don’t fit the mold, but I am perfectly okay with that 🙂

PS. Zach wrote a beautiful post on Natalia and Phoenix’s story. Everyone should read it and try and get the story out there. I have contacted Ellen multiple times now trying to get their story on the show, but haven’t had much luck yet! Doesn’t mean I am giving up though. If you want to read the post click the link below…

Phoenix and Natalia’s Story

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