Break from Reality

*I meant to post this yesterday and just never got around to it because I was seriously lazy, but better late then never!*

That is exactly what this weekend was and it was incredible! Friday night after practice, Meredith, Emmy and I packed ourselves up in the car and made the two and a half hour trip back to good old Huntersville, NC! We had a break from practice and we snatched up the opportunity to get some good food and enjoy the comfort of being home.

I had so many place and things I wanted us to do, which fitting it all in seemed impossible, but we made it work! Friday we got back at about 11:20 and gabbed with Colton while watching the NC State game. There us a reason we are called the Cardiac Pack, because I was sure I was going to have a heart attack as we watched the boys fight and try and get the win. Unfortunately they didn’t, but it was so exciting watching them come this far.

Saturday morning we got ready and headed to my grandparents house for a little birthday celebration! We ate cannelloni and feta dip and just laughed and had a good time. My Nana even surprised me with a gift from my favorite place ever, Marley’s Mutts! I got a note, some t-shirts, car magnets, and bracelets from Zach and the Mutts and it was seriously the best ever! I gave one to my mom, Meredith and Emmy and I may proudly be rocking one of them as I type this…and I may plan on wearing one to class tomorrow…

(bad quality, Colton was snapping shots with my iPhone to document the excitement)

After my grandparents we picked up my sister from one of her two jobs, Lisa Rose, which was really cool because I had never been to visit her at that job. The idea behind it is actually genius for a little girls birthday party and I kinda wish it would have been around for my birthday parties when I was little…or ya know in Raleigh when I had my 20th birthday on Tuesday haha Lisa Rose is a little townhouse that has a makeup/dress-up/manicure/hairstyling place on the first floor and then a long table where the girls have a tea party on the second floor. It is the cutest thing ever!! I’m not kidding I really would have all my 20 year old friends dress up and have a tea party with me, if they wouldn’t then immediately unfriend me!

A little sneak peak into my collection for my room next year 😉

We made a pit stop in Davidson because I think it is really one of the cutest towns. We wandered around Davidson college, enjoying the beautiful weather and trying to avoiding those icky little inchworms that dangle form the trees! After a quick nap we headed to Brixx, put our names on the wait and wandered around at some of the shops. We had a great meal and went home stuffed! We found a movie on tv, Jennifer’s Body (I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone) and then all fell asleep.

Sunday we woke up and I was in the mood for pancakes! I headed out to the store to pick up a few things and then made probably the worlds fluffiest pancakes. They were so good! They weren’t as perfect as my mom always makes them, but I thought I did a pretty good job for my lack of experience. We headed back to Birkdale for a little more shopping and my sister bought me the rest of my birthday present! She got me a red skirt and a new dress!!

We loaded up the car and headed downtown to show Meredith the best city in the world. Seriously I am in love with downtown Charlotte and we found the cutest townhouses that we want to all live in together forever…I’m sure our significant others would be thrilled with this decision. We checked out Founders Hall, got some Starbucks and meandered around Trade and Tryon and of course checked out the Epicentre! By the time we finished all of that we had thoroughly worked up an appetite.

What better place to go then cheap mexican of course! Colton joined us for lunch at La Unica, where we ate entirely to much and were ready for another nap. (Crazy group we are!) I ended up actually not being able to sleep, so I packed, cleaned, finished laundry and grabbed the first 3 Harry Potter movies for us to watch when we got back to school. Meredith didn’ watch many movies growing up and she is seriously missing out on some of the best, so Emmy and I have taken it upon ourselves to take her on cinematic adventures (my AP GOV teacher used to call it that when we would watch movies in class, since technically we weren’t really allowed to do that haha)

Once 6 rolled around we knew the responsible college thing to do would be to leave Charlotte and head back to Raleigh so we wouldn’t get in too late, especially because Emmy and I had tests Monday morning. We said our goodbyes, got gas and energy drinks and were on our way. We fought it the whole way back, not wanting to face the reality of trying to get back into our routine after such a wonderful interlude.

We finally made it back to Raleigh and instead of unpacking and cracking down, I felt delirious. I looked at bedding, Facebooked, caught up on blogs (I left my computer at school all weekend!!) chatted with my suitemates about life, laughed so hard I almost peed my pants and then finally at 2 in the morning sat down to my desk to study.

*this is where we laugh at my attempt to be a responsible college student*

I went to bed shortly after and took my exam earlier this morning. the exam was actually quite easy so I got very lucky there and I don’t regret a minute of not studying or lack of sleep because sometimes that is exactly what you need to do. As long as it doesn’t become a habit! Everything in moderation, as they always say!

I have a lot to get back on track with today to make up for my relaxing weekend, namely and extremely messy room and a running schedule/food journal that got pushed to the side in favor of much more exciting things!

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