Tip of the Day: Breathe

Day 3 has been a success! Started the morning at 6:15 and was actually able to rustle Colton out of bed to join me for our 2 mile run. Having a partner did wonders for me today because I ran significantly faster then I did yesterday. The fact that it wasn’t raining and I knew I only had to do 2 miles also helped with my speed today!

Run Stats:

Total Time: 20:58

Distance: 2.03 miles

Mile 1: 10:56

Mile 2: 9:47

Still not fast by any means but I shaved quite a bit of time off considering my miles yesterday were 11:30, 11:06 and 12:25!

Once we got back it was time for P90X: Shoulders and Arms; Ab Ripper X

I LOVE working my shoulders and arms, I always have. It is usually much easier then anything else. Chest and Back was super tough for me and I am dreading when it comes up again (in a good way) but I am all for some shoulders and arms. I’m feeling the shake right now! Surprisingly, my shoulders faired better then my biceps and triceps. I say surprising considering it was my right shoulder I had surgery on. An exercise I have been considering starting up again is my handstand holds against the wall, talk about killer!

I finished up with Ab Ripper X, which as always leaves my stomach in knots. I haven’t gotten any better at the oblique v-ups, but that will come with time. I also still haven’t been able to do the extra 10 Mason twists Tony throws at you at the very end of the workout, but I know I will get there.

Surprise surprise I have to go shower and get ready now because I am heading into work at 10. But in non-workout related news, I saw Prometheus last night. I have very mixed feelings about it, I think I liked it because I wasn’t bored at all during the movie, but it definitely isn’t my normal kind of movie that you would catch me watching. Good thing I got in for free because otherwise I don’t think I would have spend the $12 (we saw it in 3D) Anyone else see it and have any thoughts? I’m not really into all the scientology stuff, but its always interesting to see something different. Before going to the movies, my friend Denny and I relaxed at this adorable coffee shop on mainstreet in Davidson, beer for him and green tea for me. I think I could have sat out back on the deck all night enjoying the summer air, unfortunately it rained and closed up the night early, but I can definitely see myself heading back there in the future. I’ll have to go when a band is playing because that just sounds like fun!

Anyone have any fun activities planned for today? Don’t forget to get some activity in!

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