This crazy game called LIFE

Most people aren’t a fan of Monday’s because it is the first day of the week and they just don’t like Monday. For me though, and I am pretty sure I have mentioned this on the blog before, I am not a Tuesday person. It is always such a blah day in my mind! Today was no exception to that feeling.

Once I was up, I had a bowl of cereal while I got ready and then scurried off to campus to get ready for my organic lab. The allotted class time for lab is from 12-2:45, guess what time I finished my lab?


Guess when my next class is?


Needless to say I had time to kill so I headed to the library where I worked on a couple assignments and then looked into becoming a Registered Dietician because the more I think about where I want to be in the future, the more I know that I want to be a Registered Dietician. Unfortunately, NC State is not ACEND accredited meaning when I graduate I won’t have the necessary qualifications to apply for the extremely competitive Dietetics Internships which I need in order to sit for my exam to even become a Registered Dietician.


Fortunately, there is an ex-cheerleader from state who graduated from state with a degree in nutrition and is working to become an RD and has presented me with some options and helped to explain exactly what I am up against. Thank you Sally! I’ll definitely be keeping in touch with her to make sure I am doing what I need to do to be competitive for those internships!

After the library, I went to organic and then headed straight to Reynolds for Fall Try-outs. They seemed to go pretty well, we had more people come out then I was expecting.

Tomorrow I am determined to get my life together. Does anyone else feel like when there room is a mess and they are unorganized they just don’t have the motivation to do anything else? Because that is me to a T! Right now I have no sheets on my bed (my mom is probably cringing right now) a laundry basket full of clean clothes that have yet to be folded that have been in there since Friday (again sorry mom) and my room is just a disaster in general. So tomorrow is the day that it all changes. I don’t really have an excuse since tomorrow is the day I start really early (6:45 am lift anyone???) but I also finish really early. And then I only have one more practice this week, and it isn’t really a practice since it will be day two of Fall Try-Outs! Then I can get exited for the 3 day weekend coming up, I’m trying to make it down to Georgia to visit that wonderful boy I talked about earlier, that came to visit me this past weekend. I’m sure at some point I’ll fill you all in on what is going on, but right now just know that I am a happy girl.

Do you despise Monday or do you have a different day you dislike?

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