Chick Fil A Kickoff Classic


I’m posting from home sweet home! Look at that adorable face, I’ve missed him sooooo much!

SInce it is Labor Day weekend, I took the train home from Raleigh after all my classes and the wonderful Emmy picked me up from the train station! After a quick nap because I swear traveling exhausts me, I turned on the NC State vs. Tennessee game. Let me tell you if has not been pretty to watch! Currently we are losing 😦 My brother, dad, papa and uncle uncle mike (otherwise known as my papa’s brother) are at the game right now and I am so jealous! I was hoping to go with them originally, but sadly they left Charlotte this morning at like 7 am and I couldn’t miss my Friday classes. 

I stopped into Brixx (obviously it is mandatory to visit the place you work when you come back to town) and ordered a pizza at the bar and watched the game some more. I love all the people I work with, so it was fun to catch up with them! 

Something that amazes me is how apparently approachable a girl sitting by herself is. As I was sitting at the bar watching the game, a guy came in and sat down a couple seats away, he then noticed my NC State apparel and started talking to me about the game and school. He told me he graduated from UNC Chapel Hill and asked if I ever went to the State Fair. he then proceeded to tell me we should go together…

Umm I don’t even know you’re name…weird. Then he asked where I lived (never acceptable)

Then he asked me for my number! I said “Sorry, I don’t give out my number.” How awkward is that!

Anyway, I then quickly paid for my meal and left as soon as I could!

Remember how last week I told you I was really excited about something that was coming up? Welllll… if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I had a visitor last weekend…



This sweet boy is Cullen 🙂 We met through Meredith and I am leaving bright and early in the morning tomorrow to go to his house for the weekend and meet his family! I’m really excited, I know I just saw him last week, but I have to take my opportunities to visit while cheerleading is not quite in full swing yet!

Does anyone have any fun Labor Day plans?

Cullen lives on the lake, so I am looking forward to being out on the water and going on the jetskis! 

Enjoy your weekend y’all and I’ll be back probably on Monday with an update on how meeting the parents went 😉

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  1. A weekend on that lake??? Sounds lovely! I spent a little time on the water this weekend too. Always SUCH a good time!


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