What a weekend!

Today I have done pretty much nothing productive except catch up on sleep, grocery shop and make a fabulous dinner. I needed a day like today after Friday and Saturday. On Friday at 2:15, Meredith and I packed up and headed to Murphy Center to meet the rest of the football team and cheer team to board the plane to Connecticut.

It is always a neat experience flying with the team because we get to go right out and onto the plane after going through a personalized security and they spoil up with food on the plane! We also have a personal tv that we can watch new movie releases and tv shows and even listen to music. I was so tired from studying for my genetics test that I started a movie and was asleep before it even started. Which meant we were in Connecticut loading onto the new buses before I even knew it!

Once we were there we quickly checked into the hotel and got freshened up for dinner. We went to a little restaurant called Hot Tomatoes that we weren’t impressed with at all. The service to the food was just all around poor. Meredith and I split a caesar salad and the Hot Tomatoes Chicken Giovanni and it was so bland I couldn’t even eat it. I tried adding pepper and salt and it helped but I wasn’t about to waste calories on bland food. It was way over-priced too!

After that it was back to the room to get a good nights sleep so we would be fresh for the game on Saturday!

Saturday started off super early at 6 am so I could do my hair and make up and be ready for Meredith to curl it when she woke up at 6:45am. Once I was all ready I ran down to Starbucks for all my roommates because I was up before everyone else. I indulged a little and had oatmeal and an iced skinny vanilla latte. SO YUMMY! I had to be careful with the oatmeal though because the stuff to add into it made it taste good but would have also added A LOT of calories.

Once everyone was ready, we met the rest of our team and our coach in the lobby to snap a few pictures and then load the buses with our stuff. Then it was back to the hotel for a quick pre-game service with the leader of NC State’s FCA. He is awesome and I really need to find out when FCA meets because I would love to start going. His message was all about putting all of your trust in the Lord and being trustworthy yourself.

Then it was on the bus and on our way to the stadium! Always weird riding on the bus to the stadium with a police escort! Once there is was time to warm up and wait for the game to start. It was a good game, 10-7, so we won and that always makes everything better. I think we had every type of weather but snow during the game, which made things interesting but still a good time.

Right after the game, we changed clothes and waited on the bus for the football players to eat their chinese and shower (oh to be that lucky haha) I was so tired, I fell asleep on the bus. On the plane back I started watching Brave until I fell asleep again and was woken up by terrible turbulence! At first things were just shaky and then we hit an air pocket and really felt like we fell out of the air. A few people weren’t wearing their seat belts and they flew up and hit the top of the air plane! I was so glad I was wearing mine!

We ended up have to fly over top of Raleigh for about 45 minutes while we waited for the weather to clear and when it didn’t we flew to Greensboro to refuel and wait out the Raleigh storms. Just picture the entire football team, the cheerleaders, random alumni, coaching staff, trainers, airplane staff, and equipment managers all trapped on a plane with no air and everyone trying to use the 2 tiny bathrooms in the back…not pleasant.

Soon enough though we were back in the air and headed home. Meredith and I were starving and wanted food ridden with calories so we headed to one of our favorites, Carolina Ale House. It was such a  good choice, but was then definitely time for home and bed!

Busy week ahead of me, two tests, practice and the first home game of the season! So excited to take down South Alabama and get back in Carter Finley! We definitely have the prettiest stadium 🙂

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