Tornado Watch

Today was full of crummy weather! I woke up to the sound of rain and was surprised to see it was 8:45am. My alarm was set for 7:51 PM instead of AM (good thing I didn’t have lab until 12!!) I enjoyed my morning at a leisurely pace, having turkey bacon, eggs and an english muffin for breakfast while watching Live with Kelly and Michael (such a funny pair)

Right toward the end, those annoying messages popped up saying there was a tornado watch for my county until 5 pm. I immediately went to my room to pull out my rain jacket and rain boots! Lab was boring like usual, but once it was over I headed to the training room to get my bites checked out. They are still pretty swollen and super itchy and painful. I was given some cream and benadryl and told to come back in a week if it wasn’t any better. The cream seemed to work earlier, but my legs are just as itchy now so who knows what will happen!

When I got back to the apartment it was very dark (still raining) and mere was on the couch ready for a nap, that meant I had full license to curl up in the chair and take one too! I mean obviously thats how it works! The Mere left for lift and I had the whole apartment to myself, which meant it was time to be productive. I turned the tv off and got started on my homework. I took a break to do Day Two of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and it left me just as sweaty and tired as Day One did. I really like it because I can feel the burn while I am doing it and was definitely a little sore this morning in places that I don’t work often enough. Then it was back to homework until my roommates got back and we all sat down to eat dinner.

Mere and I ate a tomato my dad and I got from the farmers market with fresh mozzarella and a little olive oil and italian seasoning while Kyleigh (who is the pickiest eater on earth) ate beanie weanies and a grilled cheese. She then demanded I try said beanie weanies (heck no techno) but refused to try a bite of tomato in return. In the end, we both didn’t try the different foods. I may like cheeseburgers now, but you will never catch this girl eating a hotdog. No way no how. They freak me out, shape, texture, smell, etc.

don’t judge the paper plate, we’re out of dishwashing detergent

I went back to homework until Dance Moms reunion came on and I mean come on that was a must see! Absolute train wreck. I really don’t understand why our society promotes shows like this and gives people the idea that as long as your insane you will get your own tv show and make tons of money. Prime example: last week I wasted 30 minutes of my life watching Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. The family took turns blindfolding each other and then breathing on the blindfolded person until they guessed whose breath it was. Disgusting. I couldn’t look away. What happened to quality family sitcoms? Bring back Boy Meets World, Full House, Friends, Seinfeld, Home Improvement, Family Matters, Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air!! Looks like I’m stuck in the 90’s šŸ™‚

Another early morning tomorrow, I need to bust my butt in lift tomorrow and get the most out of that early morning workout! Then its 2 classes and a date with the library so I can be good and get my homework done! Wish I could bring my candles with me to the library, that would be so peaceful!

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