Fall Activities

Tuesday we also had off and the North Carolina State Fair is going on right now so that was our next fun activity! A group of us ended up going, me, Mere, Mike, Kyleigh, Meg, Ben and Tyler. I had sooooo much fun! We ate way to many calorie-packed foods including, pizza, deep-fried oreos (by far my favorite) frozen banana dipped in chocolate coated in peanuts, frozen cheesecake slice dipped in chocolate on a stick, funnel cake and more. My excuse for tasting all these treats is that the fair only comes once a year so I might as well make it count. My goal this year was to taste the deep-fried oreos and I am so glad I did. Although earlier today I heard rumor of deep-friend girl scout cookies…that I could get into! Maybe next year šŸ˜‰ Aside from the eating we wandered around enjoying the people watching and interesting sights the fair holds. We attempted and failed to win prizes and even performed red and white for a chance at a free throw from one of the games. You had to throw a football through a tire, I think my daddy would have been ashamed at my pathetic excuse of a throw…sorry! Once we got to the ferris wheel though it was time for stunt pictures. Because of course being a cheerleader you can’t go anywhere without throwing up a stunt in front of something. I based one stunt (even thought technically with my back I wasn’t allowed) but then left the rest of the stunting up to everyone else and just took pictures. It was a really great night and I can’t wait to go back next year!

fair food

so much powdered sugar

The rest of the week hasn’t been very exciting, I got cleared to stunt yesterday so I enjoyed being able to do something at practice besides sit and watch my teammates. We have an away game this weekend and I wasn’t picked to travel (stupid back) so I am spending the weekend relaxing and doing homework. I know I lead a thrilling life haha

My friend Brad and I are actually going to see Pitch Perfect in a couple hours so I am excited about that. I also attempted a sock bun…MAJOR FAIL! Never again will I try. Too much hair and too many layers=HOT MESS! Last bit of rambling info for the night, I enrolled for my 3rd to last semester of classes today. WHAT!? I swear time just gets faster and faster. Its a little sad, but at the same time, I’m ready to be out making $$$$ so I can stop being so broke haha Although Mere sent me a picture of what the starting median salary is for certain undergraduate degrees and according to that Mere and I are gonna be broke haha I promptly responded with “Better marry well then so it doesn’t matter how much we’re making” Anywho, I’m off to do something productive with my life. Enjoy your weekend y’all!

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