It is really quite amazing what perspective can bring a person. A real eye-opener.  A slap in the face. A “come to Jesus” moment.

I am sitting in Schaub, which let me tell you is quite the hike from the rest of campus, and I’m waiting for my class to start. I have plenty of time so I decided to work on my online class assignment reading. The class is called PRT 200: Leisure Behavior, Health and Wellness. So far it has been fairly amusing, but nothing to write home about. The reading for this week is titled the Pursuit of Happiness. It was talking about how so many Americans suffer from unhappiness because of our ridiculously high levels of aspiration. We’re told from the time we are young how we can do anything we set our minds too, when in reality for many that is just not true. We can’t do ANYTHING we set our mind too, but that gives us a high level of aspiration and when we don’t accomplish what we think we should be achieving based on the fact that our culture places great value in what a person has, we are discouraged and unhappy.

I struggled last semester knowing that I was incredibly blessed, yet really unhappy with where I was situated. I really didn’t have much to complain about either, every situation I got down on myself about was directly caused by my actions. I didn’t feel prepared enough for life and had to realize that it wasn’t just going to happen, I was going to have to make significant strides to make things happen.

The article says, “Realize you have an enormous amount relative to the rest of the people in the world. If you stopped right now and never did or received another thing, you would have already lived a life that is richer, fuller and more varied than almost anyone else in the world.”


Here I am, sitting in a classroom at a wonderful university that my hard-working father pays for, typing on my Mac computer while listening to music on my iPhone. What kind of spoiled brat feels they have room to complain when you look at that perspective. People go without clean water, heat, a house over there head and I had the nerve to be unhappy.

Sometimes all you need is a little perspective.

So if you are discouraged about your work load, be thankful you have a job.

Annoyed with your dirty house, be thankful you have a roof over your head.

Overwhelmed with your schedule, be thankful you are provided with so many great opportunities.

Complaining about the walk across campus, be thankful you have a healthy body that can carry you there.

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