NCSU vc Wake Forest

Well that Pack finally showed up to play! After quite the embarrassing display of football last weekend against Virginia, it was nice to cheer a game where we were actually scoring points! What a long weekend it has been. Friday, Mere, Kyleigh and I all cheered a Women’s basketball game against Wofford, which the ladies won, and then headed home for some much need down time. Kyleigh and Meredith had to be at the Men’s game that night and I napped all day and then cleaned and got ready for my Momma and brother (who I hadn’t seen since summer and I think he is a foot taller) and Ms. Kendy and Scotty. Once we were all together we headed out to Carolina Ale House, because lets be honest, no family visit is complete without it!

Saturday was a busy one. After the 3rd quarter wrapped up 3 stunts groups from small had to leave to football game to head over to Reynolds coliseum to cheer the women’s basketball game against Auburn. Kind of funny since Chuchi goes to Auburn! The Pack ended up with the win for both sporting events and I am pretty sure I felt a range of every emotion that day! After it was a quick dinner and then straight to bed for this girl.

This morning I got to hang out with Buster and the boys and then enjoy lunch at El Cerro with everyone. We said quick goodbyes and I came home and crawled in bed with Mere so we could get on Pinterest, watch Awkward and Jersey Shore and even take a little power nap. Who needs a boyfriend when you can a best friend who will put up with you crawling in her bed to relax!? Her too sweet boyfriend sent her an edible arrangement of chocolate covered strawberries and apples, which she shared with me because she is the best. He won serious brownie points, one might think it would be difficult to be single and have a best friend with the perfect relationship (although she gets mad when I say that) but it really works out to my advantage sometimes! Especially because its long distance (major props to them) so I always have someone to cuddle with if I’m feeling lonely. I honestly don’t know how the girl puts up with me.

After our power nap we got ready to try out a new church. I’ve been there before, but was overwhelmed with the amount of people there, but we tried out a new time that is directed toward college students. The message was great and very simple, put your trust in God. Even if he doesn’t give you all the answers, if you trust Him completely you will benefit in the end. As a girl who is type A and always has to have a plan and the answers this is something I struggle with every day as a Christian. Putting all my faith in God and knowing that he is going to do with me what he sees fit can seem daunting because I like to be in control over myself and know my next move, but I need to remember that isn’t always the case and if I have faith eventually it will all play out.

Now I am preparing for the week, cleaning up and waiting for dinner to be finished. Tonight is all about doing a little work and watching Revenge and The Walking Dead! I feel like every Sunday I can’t help but sing that Craig Morgan song, What I Love About Sunday. I’m done with exams until finals, so this should be a better week then the last. Hope everyone has enjoyed their day as much as I have!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

-Proverbs 3:5-6


Chilly Days

Where has this year gone? I mean wow, I can’t believe how fast it is going. We are now into October and the days are getting colder and colder. I love it! Everything about this weather is wonderful  (when you’re dressed properly that is) boots, jeans, scarves, sweaters!

I had a great time with momma this weekend and as always it seemed like there was never enough time. It really flew by and I wish she could have stayed another week, but she promised she would be up again soon. Friday when she got in we ran went out to lunch at Carolina Ale House and then had to hurry back so Ally and I could get ready for the first ever Induction to the NC State Hall of Fame.

Talk about an amazing experience! I got all dressed up and watched the first ever class of greats to be inducted into the NC State Hall of Fame. Reynolds was transformed into a glittering place! It was really beautiful and the desserts were good too 😉 The highlight of the night was being able to say I walked NC State’s Roman Gabriel down the red carpet to be inducted. How awesome is that! I wish I had a picture or something, but unfortunately I have no pictures from the night except one of Ally and I and the lighting is weird from all the red so we look slightly demonic.

Once I got back, momma and I headed to Sushi 9 (the second time for me that week) because I needed real food. Somewhere along the lines my back locked up and I ended up having really weird pain that caused me to have to sit out of the NCSU vs FSU game. Total bummer I know because that was an incredible, nail-biting game! 17-16! Holy intense last seconds batman!

After the game, I got to enjoy all the wonderful food momma had made me while I was away. Tacoritos! Black bean and corn salsa! Queso! YUMMY! I stuffed myself and then fell right to sleep. The next morning we woke up craving good southern breakfast. Logically our minds went right to cracker barrel. We found the closest one and had the whole day planned out. Leisurely breakfast, pumpkin patch, carve pumpkins, make homemade mac and cheese. So we got ready and headed out. Then I learned I had a mandatory practice from 1-4…

Needless to say we killed some time in cracker barrel until we realized we were never going to get called in time, momma bought me a really adorable halloween mug, we went through the bruggers drive through and then I changed rapidly into practice clothes while she packed. She ended up leaving stuff (love when she does that) We said a hurried good-bye and I have no been living off of the yummy food she has left me since then.


Anyway, I’ve had these past two days off of practice, which has been good for my back but I still have to see the doctor about it tomorrow. I also don’t have any tests this week so I have been spending my time getting ahead homework wise and even studying for my genetics test that is on Monday because I need to do extremely well on it. I actually don’t mind school when I don’t have exams. The pressure goes wayyy down and I actually want to go back through the material and work things out. Weird how that happens.

Anyone ever heard of The Walking Dead? It is a show about zombies that actually really is awesome! I’m slightly obsessed. Season 3 starts on Sunday and I have to have season 2 finished by then but they just put it on Netflix and I am already about to start episode 10. Days without practice and no tests are the greatest!

couldn’t help myself

NCSU vs. South Alabama

This weekend was a great way to really kick off the football season with our home opener against South Alabama! The weather was great for football on Saturday and it was a night game, that we won! Even if the team wasn’t that great, a win is a win 😉

I was really busy during the week so I didn’t get around to posting as much as I would have liked to, but things should be better this week! Saturday morning when we woke up, Momma Hams, Daddy Hams and grandmother were hard at work transforming our humble abode into a breakfast buffet for about 30-40 of our closest friends (read: teammates) We somehow managed to fit them all in and fed them waffles with fruit, omelets, bacon, bagels with cream cheese, and yogurt and granola. The Hamlets are absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have imagined it running any smoother! Thanks again Mom and Dad 😉

Then it was time for the dread hair curling task, couldn’t get this lion’s mane done without the help of my roommates! I know they will be glad next year when we graduate and they never have to curl my hair again. (oh what a weird and scary thought, is next year really my senior year?!?!)

Dad, Katherine and Buster shortly arrived and we headed to campus so I could get my ankle taped and meet for the game. Then it was time for a few pictures, loading the bus and we were on our way! The game was probably one of the fastest I have ever cheered. Warm up and pregame…probably the longest haha But we finished up with a win and it was time to take my tired body to get some food! Of course there is no where better for a post-game meal then Carolina Ale House 🙂 I ordered a veggie flat bread that did not come out as I expected, but was still pretty good.

Once I got back it was time for a shower and to cuddle with my little man. I loved having Buster in the apartment. The rents should watch out, having a pet made everything more enjoyable this morning 😉 Once Daddy and Katherine got to the apartment we headed to Target to pick up a few things and then, upon finding out pictures were cancelled due to rain (hallelujah) we headed over to the farmers market to check things out.

he liked cuddling in Meredith’s bed

Holy awesome farmers market batman!! Nothing says fall like giant pumpkins, funny gourds and the smell of apple cider 🙂 We picked up some veggies and delicious apples and then it was time to head home. I also got all the ingredients for white bean and kale soup (eeepppp so excited)

how awesome do these look!

pretty mums

more mums 🙂

Daddy and Katherine got all the rest of my shelves hung up (thank you very much) and it adds even more to my room! Once it is totally pulled together I will take pictures to put up here. I also plan on doing  a post about all the  great dinners being made in the apartment lately.

Once everyone left, it was time to relax! I didn’t move off the couch except to attempt to clean my room and make some dinner all day and I loved every minute of it. I’m sure my body is thanking me too. Tomorrow everything starts fresh though with classes, appearances, lift and practice.

I’m off to bed, I’m pretty sure we have testing in the morning for lift (yikes)

To get you in a good mindset for monday, jot down some things you are thankful for. 🙂

  • What did you do this weekend?
  • What is your favorite part of fall?

Chick Fil A Kickoff Classic


I’m posting from home sweet home! Look at that adorable face, I’ve missed him sooooo much!

SInce it is Labor Day weekend, I took the train home from Raleigh after all my classes and the wonderful Emmy picked me up from the train station! After a quick nap because I swear traveling exhausts me, I turned on the NC State vs. Tennessee game. Let me tell you if has not been pretty to watch! Currently we are losing 😦 My brother, dad, papa and uncle uncle mike (otherwise known as my papa’s brother) are at the game right now and I am so jealous! I was hoping to go with them originally, but sadly they left Charlotte this morning at like 7 am and I couldn’t miss my Friday classes. 

I stopped into Brixx (obviously it is mandatory to visit the place you work when you come back to town) and ordered a pizza at the bar and watched the game some more. I love all the people I work with, so it was fun to catch up with them! 

Something that amazes me is how apparently approachable a girl sitting by herself is. As I was sitting at the bar watching the game, a guy came in and sat down a couple seats away, he then noticed my NC State apparel and started talking to me about the game and school. He told me he graduated from UNC Chapel Hill and asked if I ever went to the State Fair. he then proceeded to tell me we should go together…

Umm I don’t even know you’re name…weird. Then he asked where I lived (never acceptable)

Then he asked me for my number! I said “Sorry, I don’t give out my number.” How awkward is that!

Anyway, I then quickly paid for my meal and left as soon as I could!

Remember how last week I told you I was really excited about something that was coming up? Welllll… if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I had a visitor last weekend…



This sweet boy is Cullen 🙂 We met through Meredith and I am leaving bright and early in the morning tomorrow to go to his house for the weekend and meet his family! I’m really excited, I know I just saw him last week, but I have to take my opportunities to visit while cheerleading is not quite in full swing yet!

Does anyone have any fun Labor Day plans?

Cullen lives on the lake, so I am looking forward to being out on the water and going on the jetskis! 

Enjoy your weekend y’all and I’ll be back probably on Monday with an update on how meeting the parents went 😉

I realized…

I realized today when I was looking back through some previous posts that I said I would do a recap of the beach and then never did! Today wasn’t an exciting day and we have had such crummy weather in Raleigh recently that daydreaming about the beach is much more pleasant!

So here are some of my favorite pictures from the Nags Head trip with our “kinda cousins” the Taylor’s.

the whole clan

Every year we are forced to pick a color scheme, doll ourselves up as much as possible and pose for family pictures. Usually this process can be quite excrutiating , I mean as you can imagine there are 6 “kids” of varying ages that you are trying to get to stand still, get off their phones, and pay attention long enough to get a couple decent shots.

*my phone is actually just hidden in my pocket hehe I’m sneaky*

Luckily this year, by the time we were all ready and stepped outside to start the process it was so hot and humid it was decided that pictures would be quick and easy if everyone cooperated the first time. Easier said then done, but the results are still excellent and I cherish all of our pictures from the beach.

the girls

handsome boys

chuchi and pooter

beautiful best friends


The Taylor’s

The Major’s


So that is what we looked like while taking pictures, this is what we look like the majority of the time we are at the beach…

hot mess

As I previously mentioned we celebrated my mom’s 26th birthday  43rd birthday while down at the beach and Lynne and I attempted the rainbow cake seen on Pinterest as per her request. Surprisingly, the cake turned out amazing! But we joked that since my mom got what she requested this year, the requests were only going to become more demanding each year aka her cakes will eventaully be rainbow with sprinkles and unicorns and fireworks that shoot out singing happy birthday spicy princess…HAHA

The cake was really simple to make, first Lynne and I mixed the batter and then poured it into separate bowls. We then added food coloring to each of the bowls until it was the color we wanted it to be. Then we layered each of the colors into our pan and TA DA, the cake was ready to be baked!

starting to layer

pretty colors

final creation and the birthday princess with her bestie

All in all it was a fantastic trip as it always is. Every year, with us getting older and older, it gets so much more difficult to get everyone in one place at the same time. Fortunately this trip means something special to each and every one of us so I think we put in the extra mile to make sure we are there and I hope that continues.

This will always be a place near and dear to my heart.

My thoughts on Church

I grew up in a family of open-minded, strong people. My mother was raised Catholic and my dad was raised without a specific denomination. My mom was forced to go to church by her parents every Sunday. My dad was allowed to choose. Growing up, my parents taught us to be believers, but that it was our own decision what we wanted to do. We weren’t baptized as babies because they wanted us to grow up and make that decision for our own. We attended church on Christmas and Easter, but we didn’t have roots in a specific church. It was difficult to find one to put down roots in because my dad was in the Air Force, which meant we were being moved every 1 to 2 years.

My parents are also not fans of organized religion. Just because you go to church doesn’t make you a better person. They still have morals and pray and believe in God, they just choose to do it in a different way. I am very thankful my parents let me choose the way I live my life. I’ve been all over the place when it comes to my relationship with God, from not really having an opinion, to questioning his existence, to where I am today.

A Christian. A believer. A lover of Jesus. A follower.

It has taken me close to 20 years to reach this point. It took a lot of thinking, praying, reading the bible, asking questions, trying to understand. Would I be more knowledgeable had I been going to church my whole life? Probably. Would my relationship with Christ be the same as it is today? Probably not. See what if I was forced to go every day and then thought of church as a chore instead of a decision I look forward to each week? Church shouldn’t be a chore, a thing you do each weekend, but are thinking the whole time, “I have to get my homework done after and the laundry started, but at least I can check church off the list.”

Church is a place where you can build community, where you can facilitate your relationship with Christ, where you can meet others who are attempting to live a life that is filled with Jesus. I’m not saying you have to go to church to get all those things, goodness knows I don’t go to church every weekend, life gets in the way. But the beautiful thing about it is I’m still…

A Christian. A believer. A lover of Jesus. A follower.

I choose today and everyday to accept Jesus as my Savior and to try and live a life I think he would want me to live. And I know I have the loving support of my family, friends and Jesus to carry me through.

Suffocated with Thoughts

In hindsight I realize that 3 o’clock in the morning is not the ideal time to post considering I haven’t posted in such a long time, but sometimes the only way I can stop all the thinking is to write it out. It usually stats with just a thought, then the snowball effect take place. I find myself completely overcome with emotions. Who knows if I will even publish this, but I know I won’t feel better if I don’t write something. Lying in bed at the moment I feel just as my title has described. Suffocated. Which sounds like such a terrible word. harsh. cold. I am generally a very happy person, but a person cannot be happy 24/7, although I really wish I could be. I should be sound asleep like mot everyone else I know is, but since I work up a little before 12 after having fallen asleep at close to 10 I have not been able to sleep. I have sufficiently stalked people on facebook, had a twitter conversation, read some of my favorite blogs that I haven’t been keeping up on, read a new workout site, instagramed a million pictures, finished a book, listened to the entire Center Stage soundtrack…twice, and contemplated many things. My brain just refuses to shut off. And if my brain isn’t shutting off that means my emotions are running rampant. I have nothing to complain about, I love my life, my family, my school, my friends, everything I have been given…and yet…I find myself saying, “If only…” Which sitting here typing this on my MacBook Pro makes me feel like a spoiled, snotty brat, but I don’t mean it like that. Consuming my thoughts right now is my family or people involved with my family, a big part of my “if only’s.” My mom, my sister, my brother, my Nana and Papa, Michael, my dad, Katherine, JP, Gram and Gramps, Auntie Kimmie, Devin, Hayden, Mackinzie, Uncle Rick, Uncle Mike, Uncle Jeff, Jakey, Buster. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time tonight thinking about each and everyone of these people. Mostly just praying. Family is family, the holidays are supposed to remind you of that. I feel like as one relationship improves, another suffers. A lot to be contemplating this late at night, or early in the morning depending how you are looking at it. At the risk of exposing the families “dirty laundry” I won’t say anything specific about any particular person, but when I look at certain familial situations I see a bit of a pattern and I can’t help but wonder to myself if I am the only one who sees it. It’s almost as if it is a generational problem with people who are a lot more alike then they think or care to admit. From where I stand I wouldn’t take that negatively as I am sure certain people would if I told them they were similar. Because truth be told a lot of family issues stem from loving each other in the best way that we know how, even if it isn’t the way we want to be loved. The fact that one person can blame a person for a certain act and then be blamed by another for generally the same act. When from my point of view, I see it as blameless, I see the hurt that is stirring, but I see the logic too. The fact that if each person would take their feelings out for just a second and consider the other persons situation, they might realize that their blame is misplaced. There needs to be an understanding of who each person is. You cannot force a person who doesn’t freely express emotion to do so just because it is the way you operate. Think of it in reverse, what if they were asking you to cap all those emotions you are so used to feeling just because they are uncomfortable with your openness? In reality this principle of keeping an open mind and trying to look at things from another’s point of view is instilled in us at a young age and is one of the key parts of interpersonal communication, yet no one successfully does it. As I sit here tonight I am ashamed of some of the things I have said. Just because I don’t agree with how a person is handling something, doesn’t mean I should be bashing them with other family members. I should have been sticking up for them when someone started going after them. I love all my family members because they are family. Nobody deserves to have to deal with the bad-mouthiing from one’s own family. The worst part is even if I don’t agree with how they are acting, I don;t mean half of what I have said, I just said it because I was worked up in the moment with whichever family member I was talking to at the moment. I’m also not saying I have had a personal bash session about each member of my family, just a few inappropriate comments that I will never make again. I know the majority of my family won’t see this and that is ok with me. I actually don’t care of anyone reads this, I feel better typing it. Maybe now I can finally get some sleep.

“If only, my dog hadn’t passed away.”

“If only, my family was still under one roof.”

“If only, I waited patiently.”

“If only, I worked harder.”

“If only, I saved my money better.”

“If only, I had a sense of fashion like my sister and mom.”

“If only, I hadn’t sent that text.”

“If only, I had made that phone call.”

“If only, I had gone for that run.”

“If only, they would get along.”

“If only, he would care.”

“If only, I had studied more.”

“If only, things were bright and bubbly.”

“If only, we were still friends.”

“If only, money did grow on trees.”

“If only, I could make them understand.”

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