Weekend Recap

I had such a nice, low-key weekend to end such a crazy stressful week. Like I said last week I was in the process of studying for 4 tests, that I think all went fairly well. I am glad to have them behind me though, that’s for sure!

Much of Friday after class and signing my lease for my new apartment with Abbie, Morgan, and Meredith, was spent knocked out in my bed catching up on sleep that was lost during the week. Boy did I need it! Then I had the pleasure of puppy sitting for 2 little pug/chow/sharpei mixes that were a little bit of a handful! They were sweet though and it was good to get my puppy fix since I don’t get to be around animals as much as I would like. My friend, Kara, who I have worked with at Brixx since I was 16, stayed the night with me Friday night because she was just accepted into NC State’s grad school and had a conference type thing up in Raleigh. It was really nice to just hang out and catch up and of course she filled me in on all the happenings of Brixx.

Saturday was a really good day! The morning started off sleeping in and then making a big breakfast with some good friends. Ben, Brian, Tyler, Kelly and I made pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast and coffee. Well I had hot tea of course ūüôā I wish I had taken a picture of the table because it was so cute and really fun to have everyone over for a little breakfast party.

The day was spent relaxing, doing homework and unfortunately watching a disappointing loss to UNC. After that though, I met up with my teammates at the clubhouse of one of the housing developments and we had team bonding! Our dry month (which is basically a month without alcohol regardless of age) started last week so we all got together to have some good fun! Every stunt group had to bring a dish so it was basically a potluck and then we played Just Dance. I was terrible at Just Dance, but give me some more practice and I promise you I will be good.

Today, we had practice from 1-4 and it was a tough one. I was drained emotionally and physically. As I’m sitting here in my bed now I can feel the aches trying to work themselves out. Not much longer now though until we’re in Daytona leaving it all on the mat! I need a quick shower before the usual crew gets here to watch The Walking Dead though so I need to scoot, but here are some of my favorite moments from the team pot luck!

DSCN2415 DSCN2418 DSCN2422 DSCN2425 DSCN2433 DSCN2448 DSCN2455 DSCN2468DSCN2473
DSCN2500 DSCN2501 DSCN2511 DSCN2518 DSCN2531 DSCN2533 DSCN2552 DSCN2558 DSCN2581 DSCN2595


I realized…

I realized today when I was looking back through some previous posts that I said I would do a recap of the beach and then never did! Today wasn’t an exciting day and we have had such crummy weather in Raleigh recently that daydreaming about the beach is much more pleasant!

So here are some of my favorite pictures from the Nags Head trip with our “kinda cousins” the Taylor’s.

the whole clan

Every year we are forced to pick a color scheme, doll ourselves up as much as possible and pose for family pictures. Usually this process can be quite¬†excrutiating¬†, I mean as you can imagine there are 6 “kids” of varying ages that you are trying to get to stand still, get off their phones, and pay attention long enough to get a couple decent shots.

*my phone is actually just hidden in my pocket hehe I’m sneaky*

Luckily this year, by the time we were all ready and stepped outside to start the process it was so hot and humid it was decided that pictures would be quick and easy if everyone cooperated the first time. Easier said then done, but the results are still excellent and I cherish all of our pictures from the beach.

the girls

handsome boys

chuchi and pooter

beautiful best friends


The Taylor’s

The Major’s


So that is what we looked like while taking pictures, this is what we look like the majority of the time we are at the beach…

hot mess

As I previously mentioned we celebrated my mom’s 26th birthday¬† 43rd birthday while down at the beach and Lynne and I attempted the rainbow cake seen on Pinterest as per her request. Surprisingly, the cake turned out amazing! But we joked that since my mom got what she requested this year, the requests were only going to become more demanding each year aka her cakes will eventaully be rainbow with sprinkles and unicorns and fireworks that shoot out singing happy birthday spicy princess…HAHA

The cake was really simple to make, first Lynne and I mixed the batter and then poured it into separate bowls. We then added food coloring to each of the bowls until it was the color we wanted it to be. Then we layered each of the colors into our pan and TA DA, the cake was ready to be baked!

starting to layer

pretty colors

final creation and the birthday princess with her bestie

All in all it was a fantastic trip as it always is. Every year, with us getting older and older, it gets so much more difficult to get everyone in one place at the same time. Fortunately this trip means something special to each and every one of us so I think we put in the extra mile to make sure we are there and I hope that continues.

This will always be a place near and dear to my heart.

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