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All in all today has been a pretty good day! Lift was good, classes went smoothly, I got another 100 on my Food Science Quizzam (cross between a quiz and an exam) and I had an extremely productive practice.Actually my whole team really had a productive practice. We were knocking out our skills right and left! I even did my two to full tonight!! 😉

Unfortunately now is the not so fun part, the part where I have to finish all my homework because I have a statistics quiz, genetics homework, organic homework and a genetics exam to study for all before Friday. I also have one more practice, packing for UCONN because I made travel team, and picking up the gear I need for the game. It is going to be a crazy end to this week!

I have my genetics homework staring me in the face right now because it is due tomorrow morning at 11:20 and unfortunately I have no idea how to do it! Any geneticists out there care to lend a hand? No? Okay, I’ll just entertain you with some funny things I found on Pinterest. (quality posting no? ;))

so true

Hope everyone got as good a giggle out of this as I did, now I think I am ready to tackle my genetics homework, statistics quiz and organic homework…

On a side note, I got a really encouraging message today from a friend from high school that said that my post about church really put some things into perspective for her. It completely made my heart soar to hear that because it can sometimes be difficult to write a blog, a lot of people don’t understand why I do it or don’t like the material that I publish, but this blog is for me. A personal diary of sorts, and I enjoy it. And if I can touch even one person with what I have to say at the end of the day, well I consider that a job well done.

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