A little life update

So happy to have reached the weekend! As I am sitting in my bed preparing this post, the most beautiful snowflakes are falling down outside. I didn’t even know that it was supposed to snow today, but when I woke up and checked twitter (as one naturally does first thing when they wake up) I was surprised to read that snow seems to be falling across North Carolina 🙂


I have quite the stressful week coming up with 4 tests, Monday-Thursday so I spent most of yesterday doing homework and laundry. I know I’m the coolest 20 year old you’ve ever met 😉


busy schedule


She Reads Truth devotional! Seriously check it out! I love it!

Since I have so much to do, I thought I would share some of the pictures that I’ve been collecting that haven’t made it to the blog!


Cheering on the Men’s Basketball team to a win against the Tarholes


Fun night out with amazing friends


Dinner with the girls


Tyler is such a good sport for letting me paint his nails!