The Bachelor

Okay, I know it is super lame to blog about The Bachelor, I mean honestly who doesn’t write a recap post with their thoughts about it, clearly an original over here. I just had to share my thoughts though.

First off, where do they find these girls haha this has seriously been a dramatic season. It has also been my first season that I really actually watched and got involved with. I only started watching Emily Maynard’s season at the very end, so I wasn’t super invested in any of the people, but I definitely am this season.

My favorite is Lindsay, I hope she wins! As much as she totally freaked me out that first night showing up in the wedding dress and saying “you may now kiss the bride” you have to give the girl props because she is now in the final two. Obviously her quirkiness works for her and I love it! She even got drunk the first night and he still kept her around! I think the two of them make a great couple.

As for Catherine, I can’t say that I’m a fan or that I’m not a fan. Really she just doesn’t make an impression on me either way. Would I be mad if she won? Probably not. Would I pick her to win? Probably not. She is just very ehh to me.

Now Ashlee is a whole other story. I’ve been waiting for her to leave since the showed her very first bio. I get she had a hard life and putting yourself out there can be extremely difficult, but come on girl, you overplayed the serious and vulnerable card and in the end Sean never had as much fun with you. He never described her as a best friend or anything, so I really can’t believe she made it as far as she did.

Next issue I have. The fantasy suite. Both Ashlee and Catherine talked about how opposed they were because they didn’t want to be perceived in a certain way, but then as soon as Sean asked what they wanted to do they said they would go! I guess I wouldn’t know what I would do until I was in the situation, but if a guy wants to marry me, he is going to have to get rid of all the other hussies before I enter a fantasy suite with him. I mean really how awkward. You already know he is going on other dates and kissing other girls, but spending the night in an incredibly romantic suite in some beautiful part of the world….yeah I don’t think so. But like I said I’m not in that position so I wouldn’t know exactly what I would do in the situation.

I’m excited to bring all the crazies back next week to hear their awesome drama and see who will fight with who. Again sorry for being incredibly cliche and posting a recap about The Bachelor.

What do you think about the final two?

Would you go to the fantasy suite with Sean?


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